The Wayward Mate

I'm a hunter. A supernatural hunter. My life took a drastic turn when I was sent to assassinate an alpha family in Spain and was caught. This is just the start of a turn of events that turn my life upside down.


6. Chapter Five.


“Never gonna give in, never gonna give it up, no. You can't take me, I'm free.” You Can’t Take Me, Bryan Adams.


I lay curled up under the doona, on the soft mattress. I was in England, London, to be exact, in a little flat owned by Marti; one of my only friends, and one of the greatest hackers in the world.

I rolled onto my stomach and tried desperately to stop the tears from falling; you’d think that after two hundred and twenty years I wouldn’t have any more to shed, but the loss of my family had hit me hard and fast. Sometimes I felt unable to breathe from the weight of my guilt and sadness, when I wasn’t looking for Rieker I was either training at the local gym or lying in bed, crying.

They were dead and it was all my fault. I would never wish this feeling on anyone; knowing that you are the sole reason your entire family is dead, knowing that you are responsible for the deaths of each and every member of your family.

Lauren’s words kept echoing in my head.

‘It’s all your fault!’

I stared blankly at the window, watching the snowflakes fall slowly. Snowflakes are a lot like people. Each snowflake is individual; no two are the same. One snowflake can’t do any damage, but many are sometimes deadly. When autumn comes around, they melt and any memory of their existence is gone. Snowflakes are like people because just like human beings; both are fragile and perish easily.

I snuggled deeper into the blanket and gingerly wiped away my tears, sometimes I just wanted to give up. I had been looking for Rieker for over six months and so far Marti had turned up absolutely nothing. I constantly had my ear to the ground and was calling in favours from years ago. Sometimes I think that it would just be easier to just simply give up, stop living. But then I think of Lauren, of Dan, of my parents, the innocent wolves Rieker has killed, the innocent wolves I’ve killed. It’s times like that, that I remember that if I give up, Rieker will win, and so many more super naturals will die.

‘No matter how much you want to give up, keep on going, just for me.’

I sighed and stood up. I had to get going; my training was slipping and I needed to start moving again, I had been here too long and not only was it proving impossible to track down Rieker, I was constantly watching back, I was being tracked by almost every pack on the planet. They’d put a hit out on me and I’m sure that almost every supernatural was just waiting for my death. I had escaped them three times now, two in th first month and the last incident left me with a knife lodged in my thigh.

“Rory!” The door slammed open and a blur of red hair flew through into the room.

“What Marti?” I sighed.

Marti was a 5’3” bundle of brains and a kick-ass attitude. She’s by far one of the smartest people I’ve ever met and she really isn’t a pushover. Marti is a werelion, though she can’t shift; a very common genetic trait for any female of a were- species. She doesn’t belong to a pride and doesn’t have a mate, though she is only thirty- two. Marti looked like a doll, an innocent little girl; with an upturned button nose, rosy porcelain skin, full, pink lips, big, cerulean orbs and bright red, curly long hair.  For someone behind computer screens all day, she had a gorgeous body; short and lean with a delicate hourglass figure.

“There’s been increased movement of the pack enforcers, they’re closing around on London, I think they’ve found you.”

I smirked and stretched, my joints popping. “And? They can’t do anything without exposing themselves to the humans, and if they try to drag me out, they’ll all die.”

She shook her head and watched me fearfully. “Rory, they’re desperate to find you, you’ve been here for six months and they’re getting closer every minute. Right now they’re in Sutton, tracking your scent; you need to go.”

Knowing that I was putting Marti’s life in danger, when all she had been was caring and helpful, I grabbed a pair of sweats and a singlet; I wouldn’t need anything else since I would have to shift and I hadn’t bothered to go a buy more weapons with the money I stole from Rieker.

“Erase my scent; dose this apartment in spray, I don’t care, but hide everything and get rid of any evidence that I was here.”

She nodded and smiled, holding up a can of Glade. “Already ahead of you, everything has been hidden, somewhere no one will ever find them and I’m just waiting for you to leave before I spray.”

I nodded and walked out to the balcony; it wouldn’t be as easy for them to track me if I’m on the rooftops.

I scaled the wall; since we were only on the second floor, there were five. I was a master climber; it was one of the first things I had to learn in my training and I had taken to it like a duck to water.

Once on the top of the roof, overlooking the heart of London I surveyed the area to see that there were groups of half- naked, fucking sexy men closing in on the building; none of them had seen my yet though.

I stood and ran. Ran towards the edge of the building and jumped, landing on the next.

I did this for ten minutes, successfully scaling walls, remaining hidden and most importantly, never falling. Though the fall wouldn’t kill me, it would hurt and give the men chasing me an advantage.

I climbed through a window and exited the front door of the apartment with ease, encountering zero life forms.  Opened the doors to the fire escape and ran down; I had to get out of London, into a forest where I could shift and run. I would come back once they left and take the next plane to Tokyo.

I exited the apartment building calmly and strode down the road in the direction of the forest, scenting the air discretely to make sure that I hadn’t been noticed and wasn’t being followed.


I could literally smell the pine from the forest, only five more minutes. I glared at the men leering at me outside a pub and flipped them the bird.

Hearing a growl I walked up to a window and pulled out my hair, fluffing it up, smacking my lips and all while watching the people around me. Three shirtless men were clearly staring at me, unaware that I could see them as over half the population; mostly women ogled their bare, sweaty chests.

I smiled at a passing family and continued on my merry way, weaving through a market stall, entering shops, exiting through windows and backdoors, changing my clothes and avoiding all weres.

My stomach rumbled as I opened the door to a café, The Natural Kitchen and waited in the short line.

“Hi how can I help you?”

I looked up at the menu and bit my lip. “Ah can I get a Chicken Meal Box, a Chicken Club Sandwich, Roast beef and Parmesan Sandwich and an Apple Juice?”

The girl behind the counter did a double take and nodded. “Sure that’s 18 pounds and 65 pence.”

I handed her a twenty and walked away with the table number. “Keep the change.” Sinking into a booth in the back, close to the fire exit I carefully watched the comings and goings of the small café.

There were no super naturals. At least not yet, though I could see five wolves closing in on the door, with shirts this time. The café was crowed though, so they couldn’t do anything even if they wanted to.

The same human girl who’d served me was walking towards my direction, a tray loaded with food, it smelt amazing, I would go as far as to say orgasmic.

She set it on my table and smiled at me. “Your food, enjoy.”

I nodded, ignoring her, watching the food as my stomach rumbled. I really hadn’t been eating enough lately, stupid because it weakens me.

I unwrapped the first sandwich, the chicken club from the smell of it and took a big bite. I moaned at the explosion of taste and devoured the sandwich in seconds.

“Woah there tiger.” I raised my lip at the fucking stupid wolf in front of me. “Wouldn’t want to hurt yourself now would you?”

“What do you want?” I hissed, taking another bite of my sandwich, not bothering to look up; I would know if he tried anything, you don’t survive two centuries of assassinations and espionage without honing your senses.

“My alphas, King Nightingale and over two hundred enforcers have surrounded this town. You have no hope of getting out and I know that even if you did manage to, my brother Matthias would personally hunt you to the ends of the Earth.” My head shot up and sure enough, I was greeted by a carbon copy for Matthias.

“Yiannis Holt.” He held his hand out and I just stared at him, enjoying watching hi squirm as he realised that I wasn’t going to shake his hand, maybe break it, but not shake it.

“Right then,” He cleared his throat and looked around, sounding uncomfortable and smelling slightly nervous. “I was told to tell you that if you come with us peacefully we’ll listen to you plea.”

I shook my head and snorted. Obviously they must think I’m a moron; they would kill me, they’re nt here to invite me for a tea party. I took a sip of my apple juice and inhaled my second sandwich, ignoring my unwelcome lunch guest.

“Soooooooo?” He tapped the table and met my gaze, impatient. I lifted an eyebrow and smirked.

“Are you going to come with us?”

I shook my head and took a sip of my drink quickly. “Look, I hate to shit in your music box, but your alpha’s aren’t inviting me for a cuppa; they want to kill me, and I quite like being alive so I’ll pass.” I stood and dumped all my garbage in the bin, my stomach full for now.

“Don’t say that we gave you a chance.”

“Go back to your masters Yiannis.” I hissed, heading towards the backdoor.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” I heard him mutter under his breath.

I shook my head and exited into the alleyway, stepping over newspapers, bottles and assorted pieces of trash. Footsteps sounded in all directions and I could smell the scent of powerful werewolves and a bear.

I turned to look at the wall; it was three times my height since the little café backed onto another block of flats. Gripping the wall, using the little cracks in the wall and prepared to climb, I’ve been in worse situations; I will get out of here. I will kill Rieker.

The air was knocked out of me as I was pinned against the wall. As I looked up through my eyelashes, growling at the fuckwit who dared touch me, my breath was pushed out of my body; I was in the presence of a god. My face came to his chest, and what a fine chest it was; I could tell that underneath the white, cotton shirt he was wearing that he was muscular and well built, something for me run my hands down as he took me to unimaginable heights.

I gulped and titled my face upwards to see what this man who resembled Adonis looked like as his scent engulfed me like a blanket and made me feel slightly dizzy; a combination of green apples and pine. I was not disappointed.

His lips came into view.—luscious, ruby red, moist and slightly parted with a carefree, happy smile showing his perfectly straight, white teeth. His bottom lip was slightly fuller than the top, which had a small, perfect cupid’s brow and was surrounded by dark stubble covering the smooth caramel coloured skin of his chiselled chin, giving him a sexy, rugged, outdoorsy appearance. I wonder what it’d be like to kiss him.

My gaze moved upwards to his nose, his perfect straight nose, over his perfect high cheekbones, skipping his eyes and to his hair, his thick, unruly coal stands that he seemed to have a habit of running his hands through; making him look all the more sexy and mouth-watering.

Using my superhuman strength I gave him a good shove back but he barely moved a foot. I scanned down his body, not bothering to hide the fact that I was checking him out, yet he didn’t seem to care as he was doing the same thing to me.

He was holding himself proudly with a straight back, squared, broad shoulders, he had strong muscular tanned arms, a flat, strong and perfectly toned stomach and I could see the individual ridges of his abs through the thin cotton shirt, as well as his long, strong legs and elegant, long hands and fingers.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop myself from looking into his gorgeous, glowing, deep, soul searching stone grey orbs that contained a spark of hunger and confusion.


Oh fuck no.

Before I could make a move to get away, he stepped forward and I felt like a part of the wall, while moulding my body to his and making a supercharged current of electricity pass through me.

“Mate.” He growled, making me moan at the sound of his voice and making my panties suddenly wet. He took a deep breath and his eyes got much darker. He brought his face down to my level and pressed it into the crook of my neck. I felt him take a deep breath and he groaned. “You smell so fucking good; I wonder what you’d taste like.” He growled as I felt his canines lengthening; this is not good.

If he marked me I would be bound to him and wouldn’t be able to track down Rieker, much less think about taking him on.

Using the only thing I could think of without killing him I raised my knee and it collided with his family jewels with more force than needed, making him double over to the ground growling in pain, cupping them in one hand as the other pressed up against the wall as he tried to get up and allowing me to escape.

I scuttled up that wall like a gecko and jumped onto the roof, below me the alley way was blocked by ten huge males, my mate holding his balls with one hand, wheezing and using the other to brace against the wall. My gaze drifted over the rest of the warriors, my gaze locked with an almost carbon copy of my mate, slightly taller and at least twenty pounds more muscular.


I shook my head and snarled; not another one, twin alphas? Fuck my life.

I caught the glare of the bear and smirked. I’d like to see you try to track me after this one you bastard

I flipped them off and jumped off the roof, running into the forest with supernatural speed and grace, shifting once I was out of sight and running.

They can’t take me, I’m free and nothing’s going to change that again.

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