They Don't Know About Us

I'm Anna. Also known as Zayn Malik's girlfriend. Anyway,my parents hate him. Maybe because of his tattoos. Maybe because he smokes. I don't really know. Management has been trying to pry us apart,but since then, our bond has grown stronger. Oh yeah...Another small detail.Okay,big detail; I have a child. A little girl Emma. It's not Zayn's though. I was just really stupid in high school. She's 3 years-old. I guess you can say that we're re-living "Romeo and Juliet." Just without the dying. So,yeah. Let's just hope that things are going to be okay.


2. Reunion...?

 "Need me to carry Emma? I walked here."Zayn offered. "Sure."I carried the bag and we walked out the front door.The whole walk to Zayn's house,Emma kept making funny faces at Zayn. "Silly kid,"He'd say.  

 By the time we got to his house,Emma squirmed out of his arms and ran around the house. "So,what're we doing this whole week?"I ask. "Well,the boys should be here--"The door opened and Louis ran up to hug me. "We missed you guys so much!"He said. "We missed you guys too,"I giggled. "Harry!"Emma yelled and ran to Harry. "Okay,okay.Now that you've had your reunion,can we decide what we'll be doing?They only have a week here."Zayn said. "A week?!Can we please stay over?"Niall begged. "Anna?"Zayn asked for approval. "I don't mind.But isn't this week your busiest week?" "Yeah,but we're not doing much.Just a photo shoot or two."Harry walked over to us with Emma playing with his hair.

After hours of watching TV,Emma finally went to sleep. "What now?"I sigh.Emma squirmed in Harry's arms.Liam was about to say something but his phone rang. "Hello?"He said.He was quiet for a moment. "Yeah,okay.I'll tell them."He hung up. "Who was that?"Zayn asked. "They need us at the studio."Liam told him. "Oh,okay...Anna,do you wanna come?"Zayn offered. "No,I can't risk another argument with your management again.I'll just stay here with Emma."I picked Emma up off of Harry's lap. "We'll be back soon,okay?If you're gonna leave for a bit,text or call us first."They got up and left.I locked the door and watched more

Emma woke up again. "Mommy?Where daddy?"She said,referring to Zayn. "He needed to do something.Are you hungry again?" She shook her head no and reached for my phone. "Can I play?"She asked sweetly.

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