They Don't Know About Us

I'm Anna. Also known as Zayn Malik's girlfriend. Anyway,my parents hate him. Maybe because of his tattoos. Maybe because he smokes. I don't really know. Management has been trying to pry us apart,but since then, our bond has grown stronger. Oh yeah...Another small detail.Okay,big detail; I have a child. A little girl Emma. It's not Zayn's though. I was just really stupid in high school. She's 3 years-old. I guess you can say that we're re-living "Romeo and Juliet." Just without the dying. So,yeah. Let's just hope that things are going to be okay.


3. Management

*Zayn's POV*

 Harry drove us to the studio in his Range Rover and we were there within minutes. "What do you think they need us for?"Harry asks. "If I knew,I would've said so,"Liam said. We walked into the studio and was greeted by a lady with a clipboard. "Hello.It's great that you're all here,but we only need Zayn."She told us. "Just wait in the car.I'll be fine."I told them.They left and went back to the parking lot to wait in the car.

 I was led into some sort of conference room - one we haven't been in before. "Take a seat,Zayn."A man told me. I took a seat and waited for someone to speak. "Care to explain why I'm here?"I asked. "Yes,it's just...Your girlfriend.What's her name?Uh...Jenna?"The man said. "Anna,"I corrected. "Yeah,her.Look,your tour is coming up and--" I cut them off. "I'm aware of that.But you can't keep tearing us apart.There is nothing you can do to keep us away from each other." "Zayn,you got it all wrong.We were wondering if you want to take her with you guys on tour.It'll help give you guys a lot of publicity and we feel that we've been trying to pry you two apart for too long."The lady told us. "That'd be great,"I exclaim.But I think harder and remember Emma. "Oh,wait...she has a daughter,Emma.Could she still go?" "We're aware that she has a child.If we can allow Lou Teasdale to bring Lux,it'll only be fair if we allowed Anna to bring Emma."The man said.I got out of my seat and said,"Thank you.

 I ran to the parking lot and got in the car. "Excited much,mate?"Liam laughed. "Anna gets to go on tour with us!" 

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