They Don't Know About Us

I'm Anna. Also known as Zayn Malik's girlfriend. Anyway,my parents hate him. Maybe because of his tattoos. Maybe because he smokes. I don't really know. Management has been trying to pry us apart,but since then, our bond has grown stronger. Oh yeah...Another small detail.Okay,big detail; I have a child. A little girl Emma. It's not Zayn's though. I was just really stupid in high school. She's 3 years-old. I guess you can say that we're re-living "Romeo and Juliet." Just without the dying. So,yeah. Let's just hope that things are going to be okay.


1. Why Bother?

"Babe,stop pacing.You're making me nervous,"I giggle. "Sorry,"I sat on my bed and he knelt in front of me,"It's just..All this pressure.." "Then why bother?"I sigh. "What?" "Why bother staying?My parents HATE you.Remember a few months ago when my dad hit you in the stomach with a baseball?And then there's the management!They've been pulling us apart and's just been stressful." Zayn only nodded and watched as Emma was sleeping. "Then there's me.You could have ANY girl in the world.ANY.And yet,you stay with me;A 19 year-old girl who's awkward and screwed up in high school."I sighed and stared at Emma. "That's why I love you.We may not be like Louis and Eleanor,but,nobody is perfect.I like awkward people,"He laughs.

We turn our attention back to Emma. "She's starting to call you 'daddy'."I tell him. "That's cute,"He says. "Anna,honey come down here!"My mom yells from downstairs. "This'll only take a sec.Watch Emma for me."I ran down the stairs and to my parents. "We'll only be in New York for a week.We're staying at your brother's new apartment.Call us when you need us,"My dad tells me. "Yeah,and we trust you not to go out with that...that boy."My mom adds. "Fine.Well,bye!Emma's sleeping right now.Have fun!Oh,and tell John I said hi."They walked to the taxi with their belongings and I slammed the door. "YES!!"I scream as I ran up the stairs. "What happened?"Zayn asked. "They're gone!We can spend the whole week together,now!" We hugged and Emma suddenly woke up.

"Mommy,"She said groggily. "Yeah?"I sat on the bed and she crawled onto my lap. "Hungwy." Zayn laughed at her mispronunciation of "hungry". "Wanna come over for the week?"Zayn asked excitedly. "You sure you can handle putting up with me AND Emma?"I laugh as I grab Emma's baby bottle. "Of course.Maybe we can even bring the boys over.They haven't seen you in so long and they miss Emma." Emma clapped her hands. "Fine...just watch her while I get some clothes." Zayn picked up Emma and played with her as I gathered our things.


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