Who Knew I Would Love You This Much ?

Who knew i was gonna fall this hard for you ? I was supposed to hate you. But baby guess what ? I Love You.. See what you caused ? ohhhh excuse me , let me introduce myself, my name is Marie. Im from Holmes Chaples. I have long brown hair , emerald green eyes which turn brown sometimes , im about 5 feet 3 inches. I hate/love Harry Styles. We have a weird tease relationship.. He makes me feel so special but at the same time I wish he'd go away and leave me alone.. Even though I know it would break my beautiful cruel heart { as Harry calls it }.. || let me know what you guys think. hope ya enjoy this fanfic. btw the boys arent famous in this fanfic ;*


2. isnt she lovely ?

oh tell me tell me how to turn your love on

you can get anything that you want

baby you just shout it out shout it out

baby just shout it out


Marie's Pov


     As Mrs.Thomas started her lesson i opened my binder and a note fell out. I looked over at Harry and he had a cheeky grin on showing his left cheek dimple. Gosh , ill admit i love his dimple. I unfolded the note and it said ;

"meet me at the court yard. in front of my locker. 5th period. ;) dont be late ;* - Harry xx"

I looked over at him and he winked. Oh gosh. I wonder what he wanted.. As a sign of saying yes i placed my hand over his and winked at him. He pulled my chair closer to him without anyone knowing and wrapped his arm around me. If Ethan , my boyfriend , ever saw Harry with his arm around me he would freak.

 "will Marie Freshie please come down to the officie. Thats Marie Freshie." urgh what'd they want now !? I got up and walked out the class. I got to the officie and all they wanted was to tell me that they found my worksheet .. I got to class and before I sat down the bell rang. Time for global with the oh so very boring Ms.Tamera.

*4th period*

Finally it was lunch time. When i opened my locker another note fell out. It smelled like Harry.. I opened it and it read

"how about you meet me now ? football field far back in the right. ;* - Harry xx"

I closed my locker and walked to the field. i sneaked up on harry while he was on his phone. I wrapped my arms around his waist and he spun around. He grabbed my hand and we ran deeper. "glad you came'' Harry said while smiling. ''what'd you want Styles ? im hungry.'' i replied. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me and held me tighter so i wouldnt be able to move. Once we pulled away i said "what was that for ? you do know i have a boyfriend right !?'' ''oh would you stop complaining love ? You kissed back so it doesnt matter.'' Harry replied. i did kiss back.. ''whatever styles. im going to luch. see you at 5th period.'' i replied. A big smile grew on Harrry's face as he said ''so your coming back to meet me ?'' i laughed and nodded.

*at the canteen (lunchroom)*

I walked over to the lunch table where i usually sit at with all my friends. ''hey babe. where you been ? havent seen you all day.'' Ethan said as i put my stuff down. ''oh.. umm.. i was at the football field. had to give my friend some .. uh notes. yeah notes.'' i quickly replied. I walked off to the lunch line before he could ask me what friend. ''Nice lie Freshie.'' ''oh hush it Styles.'' i replied at Harry's comment.

*5th period*

I walked Ethan to his class since he didnt have a free period. ''bye babe. see you later.'' Ethan said as he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I walked off and just my luck i saw Harry's crew walking down the hall. "hey freshie. seen Haz anywhere ?'' Zayn said as he stepped closer to me. ''dont know'' i said as i walked past them and sprinted towards the field. I finally got there and found Harry sitting on the bleachers. I sat next to him and asked him what he want. ''just chillax love.'' i sighed and sat back with Harry.

''isnt she lovely , isnt she wonderful , isnt she precious , less then one minute old , i never thought through love we'd be , making one as lovely as she , but isnt she lovely made from love.''

I got shivers from hearing harry singing. The good kind of shivers. I turned to face him and he kissed me. Arent i suppose to hate this boy ? yeah i am. But i guess i cant stay away.. I still hate him though.

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