Who Knew I Would Love You This Much ?

Who knew i was gonna fall this hard for you ? I was supposed to hate you. But baby guess what ? I Love You.. See what you caused ? ohhhh excuse me , let me introduce myself, my name is Marie. Im from Holmes Chaples. I have long brown hair , emerald green eyes which turn brown sometimes , im about 5 feet 3 inches. I hate/love Harry Styles. We have a weird tease relationship.. He makes me feel so special but at the same time I wish he'd go away and leave me alone.. Even though I know it would break my beautiful cruel heart { as Harry calls it }.. || let me know what you guys think. hope ya enjoy this fanfic. btw the boys arent famous in this fanfic ;*


3. everything about you

I still feel it every time

It's just something that you do

Now ask me why I want to


Harry's Pov


     Its everything you do. The way your hair flows perfectly down your back. The way your eyes shine when your happy or standing in the sun. Oh baby now that your in my life I dont think ill be able to get over you. Ever. Its everything about you. Everything that you do pulls me closer to you.


     Its been a week since I was with Marie sitting by the bleachers. It was 6AM so that meant that I had to get ready for school. I did my normal routine which meant , shower , get dress , brush my teeth , then head downstairs to eat. I quickly ate my breakfast than left for school.

*15 mintues later*

     I Parked my Audi R8 where i usually parked. As I walking i saw Marie. ''heeey Freshie ! Wait up !'' I yelled out to her. She stopped in her tracks and turned around. ''what ?'' she said plainly. ''ooooo bad mood Freshie ?'' I asked her. She scowled and walked away. Well then. I found my friends and walked over to them. They we're discussing Ms.Tamey's body. Ms.Tamey was the Spanish teacher. She was in her early 20's and had a very nice body.

*BBBBRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG* ''thats the morning bell so im gonna get my books. See you guys later'' i told the boys as i walked off to get my books.

Marie's Pov

     I was by my locker when someone wrapped their arms around me. ''hey baby. Ready for Science ?'' some said to me while kissing neck. I knew that voice and those lips. ''Styles you know you cant be doing that. If Ethan catches us he's gonna brake up with me. Now do you want that ? ...wait dont answer that... I know what your answer is already..'' I said to Harry while putting my books in my purse. ''No one is around so dont worry.'' Harry replied to me. '' sti..'' I didnt get to finish my sentence because Harry cut me off. ''shush. come with me.'' ''we have class Harold.'' He didnt reply because he started dragging me to our usual spot. ''why are we here ?'' i asked Harry as he started wrapping his arms around my waist. ''because I wanted to be with you Marie.'' I didnt get to answer once again because he crashed his lips onto mine. We were making out and it started to get a little out of control because Harry was thrusting on me. I decided to tease him and thrust on him. I felt something poking my leg and when I looked down it was Harry's manhood. I stepped back and said ''how about you get that fixed Styles.'' "you made this happen. Now you have to make it go away.'' Harry said with lust in his eyes. I smiled and shook my head. ''Lets go Styles.'' "no wait.'' Harry said as he grabbed me and started kissing me again. After a while he was better and we headed off to class. First period was science with Ms.Nootey. Me and Harry were 10 minutes late to class. When we walked in Ms.Nootey asked us, ''Where have you guys been ? You both are 10 minutes late to class !'' ''uhh sorry Harry here had some uh trouble and I was helping him out. Thats all.'' I quickly thought of a lie. ''Alrightly then. You two take your seats and start working on your project.'' Ms. Nootey said.

*6th period lunch*

     ''Hey babe. How come you were late to first period ? I thought something happened to you.'' Ethan greeted me as I took a seat next to him. ''Oh thats because Styles needed help with something.'' I replied to him. I really hated lying to him but Harry is something different. When we kiss I felt like when the sun is setting. The way it looks. All the colors. It was like a mystery with Harry. Its hard to explain but thats how I felt. With Ethan it was nice. It wasnt bad I mean he's beautiful. I felt sparks with him but honestly I was tired of feeling that..'' My thoughts drifted off because I was interrupted. "babe ? baby ? Marie ? hello ? come back to earth maybe ?'' It was Ethan. ''oh sorry. what ?'' I asked him. ''I was just wondering if you was gonna eat ?'' ''oh no. I have cheerleading practice afterschool. And I already ate. I had a free before this.''

*after school*

     I was walking to practice when my phone vibrated in my skirt of the cheer leading uniform. I pulled my iPhone 4s out and on the screen it read "New Message From Harry - i know you have cheer leading right now so meet me at my house after ;] xx'' I smiled and said ''sure :*''. Its time to tease him.

*at Harry's house* *14+ THIS IS A SEXUAL PART BEWARE*

     *knock knock* I waited till Harry opened the door. ''hey there beautiful. come in.'' Harry said once he opened the door. ''so why'd you want me here ?'' ''you look .. mmm the things i could do to you in that uniform'' ''shush it styles'' ''alright alright. lets go to the lounge.'' ''so you still havent answered my question styles.'' ''i wanted you here. Thats all.'' ''just get to your real point already!'' ''you sure about that ?'' ''YE..'' before i could even say the 's' Harry crashed his lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. He layed me on the couch without braking the kiss. This lead to Harry's bedroom.

     While I was twirling my fingers in Harry's hair he started rubbing his hands under my shirt on my sides. I started tugging at his shirt and he gladly pulled it over his head and threw it somewhere on the floor. ''your turn love'' Harry whispered in my ear. I slid my cheerleading tanktop of and threw it on the ground. Harry unclipped my bra and started massaging my boobs. I slipped his shorts off and stared at his perfect tone body. He flipped me over so that he was on top of me. In a matter of seconds we were fully naked. Harry started leaving a trail of kisses down to my clit. ''stop teasing Harry !'' ''why not love ? I thought you loved teasing ?'' ''just do your job already !'' before i knew it Harry had pushed two fingers in me. He started curling his fingers and then he stuck all his fingers in. ''mmmm Harry'' I moaned. Harry took his hand out and started rubbing the head of his length on my clit. Then he pushed his length in. At first he was thrusting slow then it got faster and faster.

      ''yell my name'' - ''Harryyyyyyy'' - ''louder !'' - ''HARRYYYYYYY'' - ''perfect'' - ''Im about to reach my climax'' - ''no ! wait for me'' - ''i dont think i could hold it'' - ''wait .. ready on 3. 1 , 2  , 3 Go !''

      Our juices mixed and it felt so good. "mmm Marie'' Harry dropped down next to me and closed his eyes. ''um what do you think your doing ? we're not done here Styles.'' ''oh so you want more Freshie ?'' ''of course !'' I climbed on top of Harry and started thrusting my hips on his. Then i started rubbing my thumb on his length. ''dammit Marie ! just do it already'' - ''nope'' - ''what do you mean 'nope' ?'' - ''its fun teasing you'' - ''com'on !'' - ''not gonna happen babe''

      Next thing i knew i was underneath Harry and he was once again thrusting into me. Just this time faster. ''scream my name Styles'' ''MARIEEE'' - ''more''-  ''MARIEEEEE YOURRRR SOOOOO AMAZINGGGG !'' ''perfect baby''. Me and Harry both dropped down on the bed and I cuddled into his side. ''that was amazing'' ''mhmmm it definitely was Styles''. I moved up and kissed Harry's jawline. He loved that. ''I should get going'' ''no. stay. please.'' ''i cant haz. i have homework and i gotta go practice my steps.'' ''aww. meet me at 3rd period then ?'' ''sure''. I got dressed and Harry walked me to the door. He gave me a quick kiss and then i was off in my Benz C300. Today was a perfect day.

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