Who Knew I Would Love You This Much ?

Who knew i was gonna fall this hard for you ? I was supposed to hate you. But baby guess what ? I Love You.. See what you caused ? ohhhh excuse me , let me introduce myself, my name is Marie. Im from Holmes Chaples. I have long brown hair , emerald green eyes which turn brown sometimes , im about 5 feet 3 inches. I hate/love Harry Styles. We have a weird tease relationship.. He makes me feel so special but at the same time I wish he'd go away and leave me alone.. Even though I know it would break my beautiful cruel heart { as Harry calls it }.. || let me know what you guys think. hope ya enjoy this fanfic. btw the boys arent famous in this fanfic ;*


1. its them..

i feel free , i feel freedom , why they mad ?

you should see them , burning up

cause its crazy in here , crazy in here , crazy in here


Marie's Pov ;

     As I walked into the school building i could feel eyes on me and the middle of the hall clearing up. It was like this everyday.. As i was walking down the hall i saw them' urgh ! And by them i mean , Harry Styles , Niall Horan , Zayn Malik , Louis Tomlison , and Liam Payne. The whole school loved them as much as they loved me.. I dont know why they liked them. They are annoying as fuck ! I didnt want to talk to them so i turned in the other direction. As i was walking i heard Styles yell ''wait up beautiful'' then i felt a pair of arms grab me around the waist. shit shit shit he caught me ! I turned around and to my surprise harry was standing there smirking at me. "what'd you want Styles ?'' i growled at him. ''chill love. i just wanted to say good morning and walk you to your locker.'' Harry said smiling. ''no thanks. ill be fine. goodbye now.'' i said as i walked away. The halls once again cleared up and i walked through meeting my cheerleading friends at the other end of the hall. If you didnt know im popular. Im friends with everyone and im that girl every boy wants and every girl wants to be. Too bad i was with the head captain of the football team. Im the head cheerleader, i can play ; softball , volleyball , basketball , and i can do step.

    ''BRGGGGGGGGGG'' that was the first period bell. Well i better get to the court yard and get my books. I dont really mess around with my grades. im a 90 average student. I could be a 100 avergae  student but then i would be seen as a nerd and im waaaaay too popular for that. I quickly gathered my books and headed to first period which today was algebra. I had class with Styles and with just my luck i sat next to him.. i liked it though i would tease him..

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