Hey L.A., We're Going To Set This World On Fire

Michelle Clearwater is dating the most hottest guy in the ninth grade, Ryan Beatty. When over the summer, Ryan goes on tour with Michelle. They meet many people along the way like Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and One Direction. After Harry started flirting with Michelle, theres many complications in Ryan's and Michelle's relationship. She decided to go back to Los Angeles, California, were she gets closer to Luke and Jai. Best of all, everyone has a secret.


18. What happened in the Kitchen Stays in the Kitchen

Luke's POV


I was enjoying her sweet lips on mine when i felt someone hitting me, the next thing i know is that Michelle is running out side of the room and i had no idea why. I thought it was something I did, but the first time we kissed she was into it, and she seemed she was into it as well.
    I chased Michelle down to the kitchen were i found her shaking just a little bit and she was covering her eyes. I wanted to hold her in my arms but I didn't know if it was a good idea. I just took a step forward to her.
    "Hey, are you ok?" I asked causing her to look up.
    "Oh hey Luke! Everything is fine! I was just getting an," Michelle said hesitating and looking around the island table in the kitchen, "apple! Yea, i went to go use the restroom and then I got hungry. So I came here and got an apple!" She picked up the apple and took a bite into the apple.
    "Mm, Yummy!" Michelle said. I looked at her confused.
    "Michelle whats up? You don't like apples unless there red with the yellow spots around it, and that apple is green," I told her.
    "Oh well I was really hungry," Michelle said seeming a bit nervous. I walked up to her and put my hands on her arms.
    "What's wrong babe?" I asked.
    "Ryan saw us making out and it sorda freaked me out. I mean we just broke up. Do you want to know why we broke up? We broke up because he was jealous that i was simply just talking to Harry Styles at a party!" She broke out crying and i held her in my arms caressing her hair trying to calm her down. After I felt that she calmed down enough I sat her in a chair in the kitchen and opened up the pantry. I grabbed a bag of unopened  Lays Chips, closed the pantry, took Michelle by the hand and walked with her back into the room.




Hey guys! Sorry for not updating so much! I feel so bad! Thank you for everyone who reads the story and comments your thoughts on it and stuff! It means alot! I know this is not a very long or important chapter in the book but I was watching Teen Wolf when my friend, ItsNat (her movella), texted me and told me to update. So i'll be updating with another much longer chapter after I finish watching the episode sometime in the next hour or so, and later on in the day I'll update again so stay tuned! Thank you so much once again for reading and commenting and liking and favoriting! It means so much! I have one question, do you guys want a second book to this one? I'm not sure if i'll make one but I'm just curious.. leave your answers in the comments section ^.^



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