Hey L.A., We're Going To Set This World On Fire

Michelle Clearwater is dating the most hottest guy in the ninth grade, Ryan Beatty. When over the summer, Ryan goes on tour with Michelle. They meet many people along the way like Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and One Direction. After Harry started flirting with Michelle, theres many complications in Ryan's and Michelle's relationship. She decided to go back to Los Angeles, California, were she gets closer to Luke and Jai. Best of all, everyone has a secret.


5. The Concert and France

 Michelle POV  


I stood back stage watching Ryan's crew put the finishing touches to his make up, outfit, putting his earplugs in his ears, and strapping the mic to him.  After they finished he came over to me and gave me a kiss on the lips.  

"What was that for?" I asked, biting my lip.  

"For always being there for me," Ryan said. He got pulled away by his vocal coach for last minute vocal warm ups.  I went over to Sarah who just got out of hair  and make up.  She was stretching and drinking water.  She was also talking to a blonde girl.  

"Hey," I said.  

"Oh hey Michelle! Alli this is Michelle, Ryan's boyfriend.  Michelle this is Alli Simpson, Cody Simpson's little sister," Sarah said introducing us.   I looked at what Alli was wearing.  She was wearing a white civil snapback with the visor in cheetah prints, a denim shirt, white short shorts, and heels. We continued talking and then Ryan and Cody came up to us.   

"Hey guys," they said.  

"Hey bruva, when are you going up?" Alli asked in an Australian accent.  

"Oh my god. you guys are Australian? I've always wanted to go there!" I said. We shot into a huge conversation about the amazement of Australian.  We got interrupted by someone who works at the charity concert for Autism.  They told us that Ryan will be going on stage in a few.  We got his hole entire crew to do a before-show prayer.  We finished up the prayer saying "BEATYful" and throwing our hands in the air.    

Ryan went on stage and left me alone with Alli and Cody.  Cody just finished his performance and went to go change clothes.   

"So I finally get to meet my best friend's girlfriend huh?" Alli said.  

I laughed and nodded, "Yup that's me.  I can't believe we haven't met before! Like you and Ryan are so close and stuff!"   

"I know right? Hey lets take a picture and post it on Instagram?" Alli asked.  I nodded my head and we took a normal picture which was a bit awkward since I was five inches taller then she is.  We then took a silly picture and i put my paws up and a tiger face on.  Alli put a peace sign and did the duck face.  She posted it with the caption: Good girls in the morning, bad girls at night. @michelle_cohen.  The comments and likes started pouring in.    

I checked on my Iphone and saw my followers started hiking up from 1,500 to 3,000 and i kept getting more and more likes.  I went to the picture and liked it.  I saw the comments and they were all so nice.  I scrolled threw the comments and found that the latest ones were really mean. 'That's Ryan's girlfriend? ew,' one said. "Ryan and Alli. Ship it. Were did Michelle come from? She should leave Ryan...I mean why would he like such a slut? Alli is perf for him,' said another.  I dropped my phone and herd the screen crack    

"I'm soo sorry Michelle! Here I'll tweet for them to stop being mean to you! But no wonder Ryan didn't want us to meet" Alli exclaimed but she murmured the last part.  Her smiled dropped from her face and she rapidly clicked away on her phone.   I bent down and picked up my phone.  The hole entire screen cracked. I clicked the home button to find that it still worked.  I quickly went and ordered a new phone.  I then went on Twitter and found the tweet Alli tagged me in.  

"'I support @TheRyanBeatty and @michelle_cohen 's relationship.  Don't hate on them please, '" I said as I read the tweet out loud.   

"Aw thanks," I said hugging Alli.  She hugged me back and we continued talking and taking pictures.  I didn't care what anyone thought of me afterwards because all the haters stopped.  

"So are you going to the  party in Justin Biebers huge suit at the Hilton Hotel in Europe in like a few days?" I asked.  

"Actually no.  Cody is hosting a meet and great so were gonna go back to Cali," Alli replied. I nodded I heard a huge roar from the audience.  I guess Ryan was finishing his performance   I quickly told Alli bye and we exchanged numbers.  I went to go find Ryan after he came backstage.    




I waited in line to get onto the jet plane.  The Party was in a week but we wanted to get to Europe early so we can see the cites.  I looked up to Sarah.  We both wore matching sweets, except mine were in black and hers were in blue.    

"So were exactly is the party?" Sarah asked.  

"Paris, France," Ryan replied.  He wrapped his arm around my shoulders.  He was finally back from Starbucks and I was starving, i didn't have anything since lunch.  I took the croissant and took a bite from it. Cece came up to us.  

"Hey," she said taking Ryan's caramel capachino that we were supposed to be sharing and took a long sip from it like she was dating him. "Mmm, yummy! Thanks babe," she said kissing Ryan on the cheek and walked away back to her friends.  As she left she gave me a dirty look and her whole entire posse burst into laughter.    

"Hey I'm going to use the bathroom before the plane ride," Ryan said.  Before he left he took me in his arms and kissed me, we continued kissing for about a minute and then i pulled away gasping for breathe.  He winked at me and then went with one other guy to the bathroom.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw CeCe have a mixture of disbelief and sadness on her face but then as soon as I blinked her face went back to normal.  

"Michelle is so..." Cece said. She muttered the rest to the girls and they erupted into fits of giggles. I walked over to them with Sarah on my tail.  

"What do you want from me?" I asked CeCe.  

"Your boyfriend," CeCe said.  

"Well guess what? He's mine.  He dumped you for me. So I think you should just get over him! I mean its been months!" I said.   Cece's face started turning red from embarrestment and madness.  She spit on my crosaint and I slapped her and walked away before she can do anything.  She started crying so people can feel sorry for her.  


Ryan's POV


I walked out of the bathroom with Mike, my best friend on tour.  He was also my back up dancer. We exited the bathroom laughing.  I heard a loud commotion from were my family, crew, and Michelle were at.  I saw Michelle slap CeCe right across the face.  I have never seen her do that to anyone.  I haven't even seen her fight with anyone before.  She hated getting in trouble.  Mike and I's pace quickened up. I went over to Michelle.  She told me everything that happened.  All I could do was smirk in disbelief   We finally boarded the plane.  I sat next to Michelle and Sarah and Mike sat across from us.  I fell asleep with Michelle's head on my shoulders.    


I woke up to the bright pink light streaming threw the window.  I found Michelle already woken up, drinking coffee, and looking outside the window.  I looked out and saw the Eiffel Tower.  I leaned over and kissed Michelle on the cheek.   

"Good morning babe!" she said turning around facing me.  We went to the hotel, checked in and unpacked. We sat outside in a little open Cafe outside of the hotel.  I sat next to Michelle and across from Sarah and Mike. We started eating and I saw Cece walk out of a store followed by her posse.  



Sarah's POV


I looked down at my lavender brown bralet with tiny yellow, green, and white flowers, grey necklace scarf, denim Levi short shorts and my camouflage studded, army jacket.  I looked across the table to Michelle who was wearing a Brandy Melville muscle top and a black hi/low skirt with Jeffrey Cambell studded heels. She topped up the outfit with red lipstick I looked at Mike.  He had dark skin and was looking super cute today.  He wore a grey faded v-neck, denim skinny jeans, and a snapback. I looked over at Ryan who was wearing the same outfit as Mike except he had a white shirt and glasses on.  

"Smile," i said holding out my Iphone.  I took the picture and posted it onto Instagram.  I saw Ryan looking at something and i followed his gaze.  I saw Cece walk out of the boutique with her posse.  She wore a bralet, skinny jeans and a fedora hat to try to cover the bruise that Michelle left her, but it still showed.  She walked to the cafe that we were sitting at and purposely bumped into my chair. She walked in and after 30 minutes her and her posse walked back out carring trays of there food.  I looked at what CeCe had on her tray and it was a small sandwich and a small salad.   

"Come on guys lets go," i said.  We all got up and the guys left some money to pay of the bill.  We walked down the street and I saw Ryan putting his arm around Michelle. We continued walking and Michelle kept on taking photos of everything with her Nixon camera.  Mike and I were a few paces behind Michelle and Ryan.    

"You look pretty today," Mike said.  

"Oh thanks," I said smiling towards the ground.  I came to a stop bumping into Michelle by accident.  I looked up and I saw the huge Eiffel Tower leaning down on us.  Woa, i thought.  

"Take a picture of us!" Michelle said. She gave me my camera and took Ryan under the Tower.  Ryan bent down and kissed her on the lips and I took the picture.   

"We should do that just for the hell of it," Mike said. I didn't believe my ears and asked him if he can repeat what he just said. He did.  I took a few seconds to ponder over the idea and finally said yes. Me and Michelle switched spots and now she was holding her camera.   Max took me under the Eiffel tower and I looked up at it.  Mike took my hands and he planted a kiss on my lips. I felt fireworks setting off in my stomach.  His lips felt soft and I kissed him back.  I heard a whistle which i thought was probably coming from Ryan.  I jumped back and felt my cheeks grow red.  I rushed over to Michelle and dragged her off into the nearest Boutique. Before we entered I heard Ryan say, "I don't know man. It looked like she enjoyed that."   

"What?" Michelle asked as soon as we entered the Boutique.  

"He is so cute, and his lips taste amazing!" I said.  I bent down with my elbows on the table hiding my face.  

"Aw that is so cute!" Michelle replied.  

"No it's not! He is my dance partner! What if we break up? It's going to be awkward! The last time he hooked up with his dance partner, they broke up, and he dropped her, causing her to break her leg.  Do you know what that will do to me!? My career as a dancer will be over!" I exclaimed.  I started pasing back and forth hyperventilating.  I felt Michelle grab me and started to shake me.  I didn't respond and she slapped me.  I got out of my trance.  

"Thanks I needed that," I said rubbing my face.  

"Your welcome! Now listen to me! He wont drop you. You two aren't even together yet! And calm down you can always get a new partner!" Michelle said.  

"I guess your right." I replied.    



Michelle POV  


Later that night I was sitting in my room on the chair looking out at the Eiffel Tower, eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes.  I started hearing the video chat request song from Skype.  I looked at my computer and found Luke wanting to Video Chat.  

"Hey!" I said answering.  

"Hey Michelle! We miss you over here!" Luke said.  

"I miss you guys too!" I replied.  Over the course of the summer me and Luke started becoming better friends with each other.   

"Hey I have a question. How did you and Ryan meet?" Luke asked. I started to think about how me and Ryan met.  I started telling him the story.  




Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in such a long time. It's been about 1-2 weeks since I have last updated and I'm terribly sorry about that! But here you go! By the way. The story is going to get broken off to like a second part which is like 5 years earlier then the story setting now.  It is going to be how Michelle met Ryan.  I hope you guys enjoy! My goal for the New Years is to get up to 1,000 views. Help make that possible? LOL you don't have to though.  Anyways I hope you guys have a Happy Holidays! And thanks for reading!   -Panda    

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