Hey L.A., We're Going To Set This World On Fire

Michelle Clearwater is dating the most hottest guy in the ninth grade, Ryan Beatty. When over the summer, Ryan goes on tour with Michelle. They meet many people along the way like Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and One Direction. After Harry started flirting with Michelle, theres many complications in Ryan's and Michelle's relationship. She decided to go back to Los Angeles, California, were she gets closer to Luke and Jai. Best of all, everyone has a secret.


3. Studios

Chapter 3 Michelle's POV    


'Wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy...' sang Ke$ha. I sat up in my bed, stretched, and turned off my alarm clock. 'Today's the day,' I thought to myself. I smiled and got up off my bed and went to my bathroom. I took a shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed.  I wore my cut leggings, a Diamond Supply Co. hoodie, and uggs. I straightened my hair and put on a thin layer of make-up. I grabbed my straightner, my curler, and other toiletries and did my last minute packing.  I grabbed my phone charger and stuffed it into my over sized bag. I picked up my dog, Truffles, and kissed him on the head.  

"I'll miss you," I told him.   I grabbed my suitcase and my bag and walked downstairs.  I entered the kitchen and put my bags aside and made myself a bagel.  I waited for someone to come downstairs to take me to the airport.  Just as I was finishing up my last bite, Natasha and my mom walked in. 'Just in time,' I thought.  

"You ready kiddo?" asked Natasha. She was wearing skinny jeans, and a ruffled Holister top. I guessed that shes going to Beau's afterwards or out to the mall with her friends.  

"Do you have a headache?" Natasha whispered. I nodded and she gave me a packet of pills. She then held her finger to her mouth as in to say 'You tell mom and your ranking is going to be loser.'  

"Yea. Lets go," I said. Natasha helped me take my bags to the trunk of the car.  My mom stopped me at the door of the house.  

"This is for you. There's $1,000 on it. I'm going to add $1,000 to it every month  Use it wisely especially for emergencies. I don't want to see that all the money is going to stupid crap. I also want you to make sure you eat and stay hydrated ok?" my mom said.   

"Ok mom, I will, thanks," I said taking the credit card from her. I stuffed it into my wallet and walked to the car.    


The ride to the airport was pretty boring. I sat in the back while my sister and my mom sat up front.  We finally reached the crowded airport. I started feeling butterflies in my stomach.  In about five hours I was going to be seeing Ryan again.  Its been a month since i last saw him.  

"Do you want me to come in with you past security?" my mom asked.  

"Yes please," I said a little bit to quickly.  Natasha helped me take my suitcases from my trunk and inside the airport. We walked up to the check in area.  

"Hello. Were are you guys going to today?" asked the lady at the desk. I read her name tag and it said Carrie.  

"It's only me," I said, "And I'm going to New York."  

"Alrighty, please just answer all the questions here," Carrie said pointing to the computer that she was standing next to. I typed in all the information that it asked for and gave Carrie my main suit case as I waited for my ticket to print.  Once my ticket printed and my bag was safely being taken away to be put into the luggage compartment of the plane, Natasha, my mom, and I went threw airport security.   Once we got to the other side, we went to the gate for the airplane.  Natasha was buying us some Starbucks.  I looked at my ticket and it said that I'm sitting in First Class.  

"Aw," I said.  

"What happened?" asked my mom.  

"You know how Ryan bought me the plane ticket?" I asked and saw my mom nodding.

"Well he got me tickets for first class."  

"Aw that's so cute," said Natasha  handing me my Iced Mocha Latte.  

I took a sip and then the intercom came on, "Now boarding Airplane at Gate 32 heading from Los Angeles, California to Long Island, New York."  

"Well I'm off," I said as I got up a bit nervous. I took my bag from the chair next to me. I went and hugged Natasha.  

"I'm going to miss you sis. Send me pictures of like everything  Don't forget to get me an autograph from Bieber!" Natasha exclaimed hugging me tight. I then went over to my mom and hugged her tight as well.   "Now boarding First Class!" Said the lady over the intercom. I rolled my suitcase and bag to the line to get into the airplane.  

"Ticket," the lady said. I handed her my ticket and passport and she scanned it and let me through. Before I went into the tunnel to get into the airplane I looked back at my mom and sister and waved.    

"Hello everyone! This is your pilot. In about ten minutes we will be descending into New York. Please put all the trays back, righten up your chairs, and turn off all electronics," the intercom said.   'I'm so nervous,' I thought to my self. I quickly got off the plane with all my stuff. I found Ryan's older sister, Jennifer, waiting for me right outside of the terminal.  

"Hey! How was your flight?" she asked. She hugged me and took my bags. We started walking to the baggage claim.  

"Good, thanks for asking. Wheres Ryan?" I asked.  

"Oh he's at a photo shoot. He told me to come and get you. If your tired we can got to the hotel but if your not then we can go to the places he's doing his photo shoot at," she said.  

"Um lets go to the photo shoot!" I exclaimed while getting my bag from the baggage claim.   We went to her Rang Rover and she helped me put my bags inside the car. I sat passenger seat while she drove. We were blasting music and singing along to it.   We finally arrived at the photo shoot. I entered the building and saw Ryan sitting on a white box modelling.  

"Ryan!" I yelled. He heard me over the loud clicking of the camera and got up. He had a huge smile on his face and I did as well. I ran to him and he caught me in a hug, picked me up, and wrapped my legs around him.  I put my arms around his neck and kissed him.  I didn't care that I was interrupting the photo shoot  I haven't seen Ryan for almost three weeks and I couldn't take it anymore.  I pulled away from Ryan when I heard a loud cough.  I saw the stern look on the photographers face and quickly got off of Ryan.  

"Lucinda, get this girl in the proper outfit, hair, and make-up!" the photographer called out.   I got carried off to hair and make-up and to change my clothes.  The workers and Lucinda put me into light blue Abercrombie Shorts, brown combat boots, a white muscle shirt tank top that said 'Live In The Sun' on it, and a black fedora hat. They also put accessories and jewelry on me as well.  Lucinda then took me into hair and make-up. She did my hair in loose curly/wavy curls.   

"What is the photo shoot for?" I asked  

"It's like a music video in picture form" Lucinda replied.  Once she finished putting on my make up and my finishing touches they sent me back out.   They played some of Ryan's songs as inspiration while we modeled.  The photographer told Ryan to put his arms around me and he did.  Even though he was being told to do it I still loved it. I haven't been in his arms since a long time.    


Ryans POV  


When Michelle walked into the room with Jessica, she literally lit up the room.  I herd my name being called out and looked up from my pose.  I saw her beautiful face and her long brunette hair.  I stood up and she came running to me. I picked her up, put my arms around her, and felt her legs wrap around my legs.   

"I missed you so much baby!" I said. She replied with kissing me.  I kissed her back. We finally got interrupted after what felt like forever. Michelle got off of me scared.  I saw her mouth open to say sorry but then she was taken away by Lucinda.  

"Is that who you were talking about?" asked Dan, the photographer as he fixed the lense.  

"Yea, that's her," I said smiling a little bit.  

"She's really pretty. Take good care of her, someone might sweep her off her feet," Dan said.   I frowned at that and i saw him take a picture. Dan kept on calling out perfect and marvelous after every snap.  After about 20 more snaps, Michelle finally emerged from the dressing room with Lucinda.  She walked over to me.  Dan told me to put my arms around her and I did.  I liked this this moment even tho i was being told what to do. I finally had her in my arms after  long weeks of not seeing her in person.  

"So were are we going to know?" Michelle asked.  We were sitting in the back seat of my mom's Family Porsche  Jessica went back to the hotel with Michelle's stuff.  

"I have to go rehearse a dance for the concert tomorrow and then we can go have dinner. Your not tired are you?" I asked.  

"A little bit, but i'll be fine," Michelle said.  It looked like she wanted to say more but not with my mom right in front of us.  We continued talking the hole way to the studios.   Once we got outside of the car then sky started turning an orange-purple color.  We entered the studios and I went up to the choreographer.    


Michelle POV  


I looked around and saw a group of girls talking and laughing among themselves  I decided to go up to them and try to socialize.  

"Hi," I said. One girl with blonde hair that was half shaved off gave me a dirty look and continued talking to the group.  

"Come on you guys be nice. She's Ryan's girlfriend after all!" a brunette girl with 2 fishtails and messy curls said.   

"Whatever, lets go there going to start soon. Girls!" the blonde girl said.  The other girls, besides the one with the fish tails, followed behind.  

"Sorry about them. I'm Sarah, or you can call me Penguin. Everyone does," she said sticking her hand out for me to shake and I did.  

"I'm Michelle," I said.  

"Yea I know. Ryan talks about you a lot," Sarah said. I swooned slightly to myself.  

"Ok well I have to go rehearse, I'll catch up with you later! Ryan has my number so you can get it from him," Sarah said.     I sat down on the floor, leaning onto the wall. I watched Ryan as he started to dance and sing the song he was rehearsing for. I completely forgot to turn on my phone since the plane until now.  I turned it on and i got 20 texts, 10 missed calls, 5 voice mails, 5 messages on Facebook and 40 wall post, 5 dm's on Twitter and a few tweets i got tagged in. I checked the texts and half of them was from my mom. I quickly replied saying 'I'm fine and that I just turned on my phone.'  Five texts were from Natasha saying that moms worried sick. The rest were from other friends at school.  I found a text and it was from an unknown number.   

Me: Who is this?  

Unknown Number: It's Luke brookes. from school. Jai's brother.

 Me: Oh hey luke! whats up?  

Luke: Oh nothing. I just wanted to say thank you for being nice to me at the party. I actually had fun cx

Me: Oh well your welcome! I hope we can become good friends in the future! anyways I'm in New York, so like ill text you tomorrow in the morning. Sorry if i wake you up tho. You know time zone! xD

Luke: Oh its ok. bye  


I looked back up from my phone to find that they have finished rehearsing.  I saw Ryan talking to the blonde girl with the shaven head next to the food table.  I barely heard what they were saying.  

"No, stop," Ryan said.  

"But come on baby!" the blonde girl said.  

"I'm not your baby anymore! I'm Michelle's baby," Ryan replied.  He grabbed a water bottle and some pretzels and walked away from her.  He locked eyes with me and walked over to one of his back round dancers.   I got up, grabbed a Gatorade, and walked to Sarah.  

"Hey Sarah," I said.  

"Oh hey!" Sarah exclaimed.  

"Who's that blonde girl?" I asked gesturing to her.  

"Oh that's CeCe.  She and Ryan used to go out like a year ago.  He dumped her for you," Sarah said.  

"Oh then what is she still doing here?" I asked.  

"She has special connections with the choreographer  So like yea, but hey listen I got to go, I'll text you later." She picked up her dance bag duffle and left.  I walked over to Ryan.  We were pretty much the only people in the studio.  

"Hey babe you ready?" I asked kissing him on the cheek.    

"Yea just give me a second," Ryan said.  

"Of course," I replied. Ryan went to go talk to the choreographer.  

"Lets go to our date now," Ryan said as he came back.  He took my hand and led me out to his moms car. 

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