Hey L.A., We're Going To Set This World On Fire

Michelle Clearwater is dating the most hottest guy in the ninth grade, Ryan Beatty. When over the summer, Ryan goes on tour with Michelle. They meet many people along the way like Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and One Direction. After Harry started flirting with Michelle, theres many complications in Ryan's and Michelle's relationship. She decided to go back to Los Angeles, California, were she gets closer to Luke and Jai. Best of all, everyone has a secret.


13. Press Conference and Flight Home


Chapter 14:

I woke up later that day without a head ache.  I got up and went to my closet to pick out a dress for me to wear.  I went to take a shower, straighten my hair, put on make-up and got dressed. I put on a teal blue tight dress with lace on the sides, and ruffle in the middle of the dress.  I put on my black Jeffrey Cambells and left my room grabbing my Iphone. I waited outside in the living room not even wanting to go and check up on Ryan. 

He finally came outside with his sister and mother and we left. Ryan's mom and sister were out grocery shopping when the fight happened and had no idea what was going on. Ryan and I pretended to be a couple in front of them to make them not worry.

We finally got to the press confress and walked down a red carpet.  Ryan and I took a few pictures together and then his publicist took him away so I was left alone to take pictures.  I finally made it inside the building were I relaxed and went to go take my seat.

The press confrence started and they asked Ryan about his music and about life.  There was this one question that really got me annoyed.

"How is your relationship with Michelle?" one of the press people asked.

"Perfect. We could never be this happy," Ryan said.  He took my hand ontop of the table and squeezed it.  I gave my best fake smile I could.  I was just happy once the questions were done and I could finally leave and skip the after party.  


I was waiting at the airport in sweats and my suitcases next to me.  I sat down alone at the closest seat to the gate.  It was pretty late at night and the area for the plane i'm going on was pretty packed. They finally called us onto the airplane and I sat in first class since it was a night flight.  I put my carry on in the overhead compartment and went to sleep.  When I awoke I looked out the window to the beautiful morning sky of L.A. 

'Oh, How much I missed this place!" I thought to myself.  I got of the plane, got my luggage, and took a taxi home.  When I got home mom and dad were all ready at work and Natasha was probably out.  I texted them that I got home.  I called them before the flight to let them know I was coming home since I already told Natasha what happened.

I changed into Hollister skinny jeans, and a Diamon Supply Co. hoodie and went to go suprise Luke and Jai at there place. When I got there I found Hailey and Jai sitting at Jai's dining room table crying.  

"What happened? Wheres Luke?" I asked sort of frantic. Hailey had tears pooring out of her eyes.

"He ran away," Jai said.  Looking up at me. His eyes were bloodshot




Hey everyone! Thank you guys so much for the views and comments and such. Sorry that the paragraphs are becoming really short, I want the story to be longish Happy Mothers Day if you are from the UK/Europe! -Panda

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