Hey L.A., We're Going To Set This World On Fire

Michelle Clearwater is dating the most hottest guy in the ninth grade, Ryan Beatty. When over the summer, Ryan goes on tour with Michelle. They meet many people along the way like Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and One Direction. After Harry started flirting with Michelle, theres many complications in Ryan's and Michelle's relationship. She decided to go back to Los Angeles, California, were she gets closer to Luke and Jai. Best of all, everyone has a secret.


17. LiveStream

Chapter 16:
Michelle POV

    I entered the room with Hailey's mom. The doctor said that her memory is fine. I lyed down a teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers next to her hospital bed.
    "Hey. Good to have you back," I said and then broke into a smile and gave her a big hug.
    "It feels good to be back," Hailey said.
    "Michelle you mind going outside so I can speak to Hailey in private please?" Hailey's Mom asked.
    "Sure," I said and exited the room. Jai came up to me and asked me how Hailey was. I said she was doing fine.

Later that day I was back at the Brooks house. Hailey's mom made us go back home because she knew we needed the rest. I was sitting in between Jai and Luke watching Mean Girls. Luke got up and went to the restroom. He left his phone behind. 
    "Lets spam Luke's pictures!" I said. I got the phone and went to the camera. Jai and I started making a bunch of faces and i kept pressing the camera button. Jai was laughing so hard that he had to use the restroom as well. I watched him as he got up and went to the other bathroom. 
    I missed these nights when it was just me and Jai goofing around like this. We haven't hung out in a long time. 
    I continued to take pictures and that's when I started to notice the banners appear at the top of the screen. '@nataliya_janoskians tweeted you: YOUR SO HOT,' '@LukesWife dmed you: when are you coming back to ausie?, '@danielsahyounie tweeted you: visiting 3/5 of the Janoskians next week!'
    "What are you doing?" Luke said.
    I didn't even know he entered the room.
    "I was spamming your pics with Jai then he got up and went to the bathroom. I didn't know you had a twitter and who are all those girls tweeting you?" I asked. I started to get jealous about all these girls tweeting Luke. I didn't even knew who half those girl where or why they where tweeting him.
    "I never told anyone, nor did Jai. Beau told Natasha just because she found out also but she wasn't allowed ot say. Me, along with Jai and Beau, and our two friends from Australia, Skip and James are YouTubers. We do random pranks. We go there every summer but this summer we decided to stay and for them to come here. I didn't want to tell anyone. I'm sorry Michelle! Don't be mad at me please," Luke pleaded.
    "Can i see the videos?" I asked. I'm in a bunch of YouTube videos because Hailey has her own channel. 
    "Sure," Luke said leading the way to the computer, "We call our self's the Janoskians. We are also planning on signing a record deal. I can let you listen to a few minutes of our new song. It's not out yet."
    Luke kept talking alot like he was nervous or something. I sat down next to Luke and he went to YouTube. He showed me some videos from the Christmas boot camp, to the invisible rope prank. I found my self laughing quite alot.
    I was about to comment on how hot Luke looked in his Santa costume when Jai entered the room.
    "Mate, the fans want us to do a live stream and Beau just got home. What do u say?" Jai asked.
    "I say yes. Michelle you want to be in it?" Luke asked me.
    "Sure why not?" I said.

Thirty minutes later I was in Luke's and Jai's shared room. The guys where pushing the beds together to make an even bigger one. The finished pushing the beds together and I got onto the bed with Luke and Jai on either side of me and with Beau behind Luke and I. We all tweeted the link to the YouStream. 
    "Hey guys! Its Luke," Luke said.
    "And Jai," Jai said.
    "And Beau Brooks! The amazing one," Beau said.
    "And this pretty lady is Michelle!" Luke said introducing me and I waved and said hello. 
    "Also known as my best friend!" Jai said putting his arm around my shoulders and messing up my hair.
    "JAI!" I screamed and got out of his grasp. I fixed my hair while the guys talked. They talked about random things and then started a Q and A.
    "'Isn't Michelle dating Ryan Beatty?'" Jai read one of the questions. I felt all eyes on me.
    "Um well actually we sort of got into a fight, so we aren't together anymore," I said with more happiness then I intended.
    The questions kept pouring in and we started asking the fans watching to tell us stuff to do. We also gave shout outs in between.
    "Happy Birthday @MacyLovesSkip!" Beau said.
    "Luke they want you to sing," Jai said. Luke started to sing a verse from their newest song 'Set This World on Fire.'
    45 minutes into the livestream, The fans kept telling Luke to kiss me.
    "KISS! KISS! KISS!" Jai and Beau kept chanting. I started turning red. Luke cupped his hand on my cheek and kissed me. Luke being the silly boy he is, we both fell on top of the bed laying down. We still kissed when Jai started slapping Luke. Luke sat back up and Jai accidentally hit me.
    "Jai! What the fuck!?" I exclaimed.
    "Sorry that was for Luke!" Jai said. He then showed me his phone. It was a tect from Ryan saying that he's watching the LiveStream.
    "Oh shit," I muttered under my breathe. I looked up to the camera, "Um I need to go use the bathroom." I got up and rand out the door and down the stairs and into the kitchen.





Hey guys! Sorry this took so long! I'm finally done with school, well almost... If your done with school then have a good and safe summer! I hope this makes up for not posting alot! I Promise I will post alot more once I get into summer!


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