Hey L.A., We're Going To Set This World On Fire

Michelle Clearwater is dating the most hottest guy in the ninth grade, Ryan Beatty. When over the summer, Ryan goes on tour with Michelle. They meet many people along the way like Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and One Direction. After Harry started flirting with Michelle, theres many complications in Ryan's and Michelle's relationship. She decided to go back to Los Angeles, California, were she gets closer to Luke and Jai. Best of all, everyone has a secret.


8. First Day of School


Michelle POV  


I sat in the waiting room of the principle's office with my mom. We were waiting to enroll me into the school because the photo shoot will be 6 months, we needed a school for me to attend. I looked at the calender and it read 'January 22.' That's when I herd the door open and out came the principle   She was a middle aged women wearing slacks, a blazer, and a camisole with heels.  

"I'm ready to see the Cohen's now." My mom and I stood up and so did another mother and her son.  Her son looked like he was in the 6th grade. 

"Michelle Cohen?" the principle asked. My mom looked at her and she understood.  We followed her into the office. "Hello! I'm Principle Meyers. I understand you would like to enroll your daughter into our school. Does she know how to speak and read English?" Principle Meyers asked. 

"Um. Ye-yes I do," I stammered.

"We moved here for a year and a half when she was in the 5th grade," my mom added.

"Excellent! Please fill out these papers," Principle Meyers said handing my mom the papers on a clip board with a connecting pen. As my mom was filling out the papers Principle Meyers turned to me, "So Michelle, what type of classes were you in back in Israel?"

"Em I was in the honors classes," I said.  I hope she understood me because of my accent. My mom handed back the papers and Principle Meyers started typing things out onto her computer. I herd the machine of the printer start working and she handed me the paper once it got done printing. "Right now it is Period 4. My T.A. will take you to your class, locker, and the text book room. The good thing is he also speaks Hebrew so in case you need some translation," Principle Meyers said.  Just then her T.A. walked into the office. He was a cute guy that seemed to be in my grade. 

The kid and I walked out of the office. I learned that his name is Griffin and he is in the magnet program at the school.  He took me to the text book room and I got the textbooks I needed.  We then went to my locker and I put the texts books that I didn't need into it.  I then took of my jacket and put it on the hanger of the locker.  I finally took out my lunch and all the unneeded books and supplies out of my back pack and into my locker.  I closed the locker with the lock and followed Griffin down the halls to my fourth period class which I learned was science.

I followed Griffin into the class and he went to go speak with the teacher.  When I entered I felt all heads turn towards me and everyone stopped what they were doing and saying.  I looked down a bit shy and walked up to the teacher.  I herd a few murmurs in the back of the class but I couldn't make out what they were saying. The TA soon left and the teacher took me to the front of the class.

"Everyone this is our new student, Michelle Cohen. Please make her feel welcome, she came all the way from Israel," he said gesturing to me.  He then turned to me and said, "If any of these little rascals bother you come to me and I'll deal with them." I slightly smiled and said thank you.  He told me to go sit next to this kid named Jai and that he was going to be my lab partner.  I walked over to our desk and felt all the eyes on me.  The teacher finally got their attention back to the board.  Jai was sitting next to the window so it left me with sitting next to the aisle were everyone had a clear view of me.

"Hi I'm Jai Brooks. Nice to meet you!" Jai whispered to me in his Australian accent.  He was a very fit boy wearing a Clippers jersey, black skinnies, and Air Jordans

"I'm Michelle," I said.  Jai filled me in on what we were doing in the class that day.  Finally, after what seemed to be 5 hours, the bell finally rung.  Jai told me that it's lunch time now and that I can sit with him at lunch. 

"Let me see your schedule," Jai said. I handed him my schedule as we walked down the hallway.  We soon found out that our lockers are right next to each other.  "You have all the same classes with me. Except for your elective which is the Arts. Basically what you guys do is drama, instruments  and chorus. My friend Ryan is in that class along with our history and English class. ," Jai said as I opened my locker. I grabbed my lunch and the books I needed for my next class which was the Arts.   

I entered the cafeteria with Jai and I told him I was going to use the restroom.  I went to the restroom and stayed in there for about 20 minutes.  I was really nervous.  Everyone in the science class kept staring at me.  After staring at my self in the bathroom I finally made my way back to the cafeteria.

  When I entered I felt half of the eyes in the room on me.  I hurriedly found were Jai was sitting with 5 of his other friends.  Jai introduced me to all of them. 

"Michelle this is Ryan, Ryan this is Michelle.  He will be taking you to your 5th period class, Art.  Then I will pick you up and take you to our 6th period class, English," Jai said.  I exchanged a quick hello to all the boys.  Ryan was really attractive and I thought he should be a model.  The other boys were really cute as well. I started to eat my lunch when I got interrupted by Ryan.

"So Michelle, what made you move from Israel to California?" Ryan asked.  I was about to answer when I got interrupted by the bell.  We got up and threw away our trash.  Ryan escorted me, completely forgetting about the question because he got a text.  I was fine by that because it meant I would have to talk less.  

We finally made it to the Art class. I sat down next to Ryan who stood up to sing his solo that he was practicing   He was a really good singer.  'No wonder all the girls weren't just staring at me but also at him when we walked down the halls.  He has the complete package.  He was tall, attractive, and an amazing singer,' I thought to myself.  


The rest of the week went by quickly and it was finally the weekend. The day of the first photo shoot. 

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