Hey L.A., We're Going To Set This World On Fire

Michelle Clearwater is dating the most hottest guy in the ninth grade, Ryan Beatty. When over the summer, Ryan goes on tour with Michelle. They meet many people along the way like Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and One Direction. After Harry started flirting with Michelle, theres many complications in Ryan's and Michelle's relationship. She decided to go back to Los Angeles, California, were she gets closer to Luke and Jai. Best of all, everyone has a secret.


2. End of School Party

Haily's POV     


Is it strange that I like Jai Brookes? I thought to myself. I was practicing to tell Michelle my feelings towards Jai when my phone interrupted me.  Live While We're Young by One Direction started to play. I danced until i reached my phone that was laying at my desk.  

"Hello?" I asked.  

"Hey. What are you going to wear to the party?" Michelle's voice replied.  

"I have no idea, probably a pencil skirt with some top that I got from Brandy, you?" I asked.  

"Probably my moccasins  my cut leggings, and some sweater, or something else," Michelle answered. "It sucks Ryan wont be there."  

"Yea I guess so. Hey do you think its weird that I like--?" I started to say, but stopped. I didn't realize the words were coming out of my mouth until i got to the last word.  


"Omg shut up! I bet he doesn't even like me!" I exclaimed.  

"Well who is it?" Michelle asked.  

"Um, it's someone. You're going to freak out tho," I said.  

"Well I can't freak out until you tell me," Michelle replied.  

"Its Jai," I muttered.  

"Come again?" she asked.

"ITS JAI!" I yelled without meaning to.  

"Woa, someone ate a big bowl of feisty flakes today," Michelle said laughing. "How did this inside joke start?"  

"Remember like last year, you were on your period and you slammed your locker shut and Jai and I were walking past you and he was all like 'Someone ate a big bowl of feisty flakes today,'" I replied.  

"Oh right. Lawlz. I'll see you at the party," Michelle said and shut off the phone.  

I walked over to my make up table and sat down on the chair. I looked into the mirror and fluffed up my hair a little bit. I then started doing weird facial expressions.   

"Merp," I finally said before getting up to go take a shower. Once I got out of the shower i dried my hair then went to go choose out what I was going to wear. I finally decided on my black pencil skirt and a muscle shirt from Brandy. The muscle shirt had a faded skeleton that had the american flag print to it. I wore a bandeau underneath. I topped off the outfit with a black blazer, black fedora hat, and spiked Jeffrey Campbells.  

"Hey," Michelle said walking up to me. We hugged and looked each other from head to toe.   

"Cute outfit!" I said.  Michelle was wearing a black long sleeve shirt with cut out ribbons on the back, also from Brandy. She also wore bleached dye-tied shorts with the shirt tucked in, a white Civic flat cap with cheetah print on the shading, and black low top converse.  

"Same to you!" Michelle said.  

"Were's Natasha?" I asked her.  

"She's probably inside. She came around 3 to help Beau set up," Michelle replied.   I nodded and just followed Michelle in. We were greeted with a chorus of 'Hey Michelle!' and 'Hey Hailey!' We went down the long hallway, greeting everyone, until we entered the very large living room.   

"Woa," Michelle and I both said in unison  We knew that the Brookes had money but we didn't know they were this rich.  The living room was huge. It had Leather couches, a huge plasma screen TV that was blasting MTV music, the floor was hardwood and there was also a fire place. 'I really hope someone wont be idiotic and throw there acholol in there, then were all screwed,' i thought to myself.  The rest of the room was pretty dark. There was a colorful disco ball showing off pretty lights. The door leading into the backyard was open and many people were in the pool.   Michelle nudged me and gestured towards Jai, Luke, Beau, and Natasha who were all squeezed in on one of the many leather couches. She started to walk up to them and took a seat between Luke and Jai, leaving the only available space next to Jai.  

"Hey there sis!" Natasha said cleary tipsy. She wore a black pencil skirt, a bralet top, converse, and a blazer jacket. She was also sitting on Beau's lap, holding an open bottle of beer.  

"Hey Nat," Michelle said taking the bottle of beer from her hands and taking a sip.  

"How are you girls liking the party?" Beau asked.  

"Well we just got here so like yea," I replied.  

"Well Beau and I will be hanging out somewhere else with all the other sophomores," Natasha said.  

"Ok but remember your my ride home!" Michelle called after her.  

Michelle started to talk to Luke so my only option was to take a beer and talk to Jai.  

"You look really pretty today," Jai said. I felt my cheeks growing red and hoped that he didn't see.  

"Aw thanks," I replied trying to keep my cool. I nervously opened my bottle of bear and took a sip.  

"Your face is red," Jai said.  

"What!?" I quickly hid my face with my hands causing Jai to laugh.  

"What?" I asked again.  

"Nothing your just cute when you get scared, and it was just the light from the disco ball," He said taking my hands away from my face. I didn't know if this was the beer talking or that he might actually like me. We continued talking and then he took my hand and led me to an open space in the living room were everyone was dancing. We started dancing and I was enjoying myself. He took my hand and twirled me around and i giggled and blushed.  


Natasha's POV  


I was hanging out in the kitchen with Beau and a huge crowd of people. We were watching our good friends Mike and Vinny playing a real life version of Fruit Ninja.  

"Lets go somewhere quieter," Beau said putting his hand around my waist and started leading me out of the room. I could smell a hint of beer on his breathe.  

I took his hand and followed him out of the room. We went to a much quieter section of the party.  Beau pressed me onto a wall and started kissing me. I kissed back smiling, I accidently dropped my beer bottle but I didn't care. We continued making out until Beau pulled away.  

"Come on babe," Beau said taking my hand and leading me upstairs. He led me into his bedroom, closed the door and flipped one light on. I sat down on the bed, smiling and then Beau walked up to me and kissed me.  

He pushed me back onto the bed and the next thing i know is that hes shirtless and zipping down my bralet. Once I came to my scenes that he was pulling down the zipper, I pulled away.  

"Omg what are we doing!?" I exclaimed.  

"Don't you want to go further?" Beau whined.  

"Yes but not today! We are both drunk. I wanted it to be special," I said.  

"Ok, I understand. Lets go back down to the party?" Beau asked.  

'That doesn't mean I want to stop making out,' I thought to myself.  

"Sure," I said zipping back my bralet, fixing my skirt and hair. I waited for him to put back on his shirt.  I took his hand and he led me down the stairs.  


Michelle's POV  


I looked out at the night sky and felt the chilly breeze on my face and was sitting next to Luke. He was so nice that he gave me his jacket.  It was a bit over sized but i didn't care. It reminded me of Ryan and how he would always let me wear his clothes. I sighed a little bit to loudly.  

"Whats rong?" Luke asked.  

"Oh nothing I just miss Ryan," I said.  

"Oh well how bout last one into the pool is a rotten egg?" Luke said trying to get my spirits up.  

"1...2....3...GO!" I yelled and ran to the pool trying to get his jacket off of me.  I finally managed to get it off and jumped into the pool. There was a bunch of guys with there shirts off and girls in there bikinis in the pool. I felt silly still wearing my shirt so I took it off revealing my polka dotted Abercrombie and Fitch bikini top. I looked up to find Luke without his shirt and his face was blue because of the Disco lights.  I looked closely at his face and noticed that he had a lip piercing. He looked really fit. I felt someone pulling me underwater but it was only Haily.   

"Hay gurl!" Hailly said.  She was now only wearing her bikini top and bottom   They were neon green, yellow, and pink and were from Zumies.  

"Hey!" I yelled over the loud music and hugged her.   I noticed Jai standing behind her with his shirt off as well, he was fit also. We started dancing, drinking beer, and partying the night away.



Sorry guys, there would have been more in Michelle's POV but I couldn't think of much. But enjoy!


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