Hey L.A., We're Going To Set This World On Fire

Michelle Clearwater is dating the most hottest guy in the ninth grade, Ryan Beatty. When over the summer, Ryan goes on tour with Michelle. They meet many people along the way like Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and One Direction. After Harry started flirting with Michelle, theres many complications in Ryan's and Michelle's relationship. She decided to go back to Los Angeles, California, were she gets closer to Luke and Jai. Best of all, everyone has a secret.


19. Dinner

Ryan POV

    It's been about 3 weeks since Michelle left, and 2 weeks since we've had sex. I completely regret having done it with her. I haven't had any communication from Michelle or sent her any except for the fact that I watched her make out with Luke on live cam and she went running away a few seconds after I sent Jai the text. 
    I was still on the rode touring in Boston, Illinois. CeCe kept coming to me sometimes being half naked wearing short shorts and her mid drift showing in those Brandy Melville shirts. Other times she would come to me with her bra sticking out of her shirt. Couldn't that girl take a hint that I didn't want to be with anyone? 
    Like for example, I was on the rode one day going from Time Square in New York to Boston when we stopped for food one night. The tour buses were pretty empty. We had about four tour buses. One was for me and my family, close friends, and band members, another one was for the dancers, the other 2 buses for the crew and stylists. We stopped at a suburban town with an old vintage looking diner. I was sitting with Mike, Johny, another back up dancer who was gay, and my older sister. I had a BLT sandwich in front of me. We were laughing at something Mike said when my sister all of a sudden stopped.
    "The slut is coming," my sister said.
    "Her clothes are tacky and I hate her!" Johny exclaimed as he quoted from the movie School Of Rock with Jack Black. She was wearing another one of those cropped tops that were white and she wore a red bra underneath, a skirt, and knee length socks.
    "Shh shes coming!" Mike said.
    "Hey were is Sarah?" I asked.
    "I don't know. Let me go find her," Mike said and he quickly got up and bumped into CeCe.
    "Ew watch where you are going!" CeCe said with a disgusted look on her face and then when she looked up at me she broke out in a smile. 
    "Hey Ryan boo!" CeCe said leaning in to give me a kiss on the cheek. I moved my head away almost falling onto my sisters lap. 
    "CeCe just leave," I said.
    "Seriously though. No one wants you here at this table," my sister added.
    She ignored my sister and continued looking at me. "So do you want to share an Oreo Milkshake with me Ryan?" CeCe asked.
    "No CeCe, go share it with one of your friends," I said denying her again.
    "Hmph," CeCe said and stopped away to go look for her friends. Just then Mike came holding hands with Sarah. We finished eating and got back onto the bus.

    I looked back on the paper that was laying right infront of me. All I have written down so far was the title of the song and the first line of the song. I was planning on posting an acoustic version of the song on youtube when I finished writing it, and hopefully Michelle would see it.

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