Love Hurts

Dani Lovato was just a teenager. Well sorta her parents died in a horrible accident forcing her to move in with her sister Demi Lovato,who she hates, and her sisters boyfriend Niall Horan(who she hates even more).

I bet your wondering why she hates them so much. I guess you'll just have read to find out.

Follow Dani as she falls in love with a certain 1D sweetheart and how she goes from hating to loving to hating and loving her sister again.


2. Meeting The Guys

Chapter 2:

Demi's POV:

Oh no she was turning out to be just like me which is not a good thing like at all!

"D-dannni-i w-why!?" was all I could get out I was sobbing to hard to make any normal words come out of my mouth.

"You know why because you've gone through it too"

"You've been bullied that bad, well what made you cut this ti-" I stopped because I knew it was me and before I could stop I took her into a big hug and apologized only god knows how many times.

"It's okay Demi-" I cut her off.

" But it's not that's the thing I feel absolutely terrible. I am so sorry and I know you think I'm just saying that but I'm not I want to start over with you I know I have been a lousy sister and a bit of a bitch but maybe we could start all over."

"I don't know I'll think about it, I mean you hurt me a lot Demi. Not only that and most of me cutting was caused by you not people at school" I also heard her mumble something across the lines of "although they didn't help."

Dani's POV:

Niall walked in the room," Hey girls the lads are here for a mo-" but he stopped "what wrong and were did all this blood come from?"

I know I don't know Niall and I said I hated him but he looked terrified and u suppose he deserves an explanation.

"Niall I'm sorry I have some issues and I guess I take it out on my wrist, but Demi here being the expert she is, is going to help me. Ain't that right Demi?"

" Huh.. Oh uh yeah"

"Well do you want me to tell the lads to reschedule I mean they were excited to meet you but they ca-" I cut him off.

"No Niall it'll be fine just tell them we'll be out in 10 minutes or so."


Niall's POV:

Wow so her and Demi are a lot alike after all hmm who would've guessed. Although I can say I'm extremely shocked I thought Demi's family had it together but I guess not.

" Alright lads well Dani and Demi had a little mishap and will be out in about 10 minutes."

They all said alright.

Demi's POV:

"Wow you just told Niall the truth..."

"Yeah I guess I did," she said.

"So how but we get you all cleaned up and go meet the guys.?"

"You know you may have helped me but don't consider yourself forgiven just yet."

Wow that really stung me I was really hurt and I guess it showed on my face because she soon hugged me and left for the bathroom.

Dani's POV:

When I said that I saw the hurt on her face so I decided to give her hug to make it a little better.

I went to the bathroom to cleanup and I looked like shit! My hair was messy and my make up was running and to top
It all off I have blood everywhere.

I quickly cleaned up and put on my favorite orange dress with a brown leather belt and brown leather sandals. My hair was down curly as usual with a headband around my head in the 70s style.

I walked in the room and the first person I noticed was I super hot guy with caramel brown hair and deep
Brown eyes he was absolutely gorgeous.

Before I stared a little too long I quickly looked at everybody and said "Hi I'm Danielle but most people call me Dani"

There was a black haired guy with a crazy accent that went by Zayn.

A super curly haired weirdo that went by Harry.

A brown hair blue eyed beauty that went by Louis.

And last but not least the caramel haired sexy goddess with gorgeous deep brown eyes that I could melt in with the gorgeous name of Liam Payne.

Liam's POV:

Wow she's gorgeous.
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