Little Things That Saved Me

She has a hard life. She's been through more that any 18 year old girl should have to. She has lost important people and is about to meet some new ones. Will she end up loosing them too? More People leave, New people come , and fake people will take off their masks.This story has an intro that doesn't really talk much about one direction but don't stop reading it will be good i promise! Please comment and tell me what you think!


1. Its a hard life.

YES!!!! I finally have meet and greet tickets to the one direction concert! I couldn’t believe it! I had been doing so many chores and spent all my weekends babysitting bratty kids all for this. A chance to meet the 5 guys that are the reason for me being alive. Just like any other teenage girl I have secrets. The problem with my secrets are that I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone, but I need to tell someone. I just need someone I can trust enough to tell them all too. Get them all off my chest and get everything bad I’ve ever done out of my head! Knowing other peoples secrets and keeping your own just pile up inside you and drive you crazy. Anyways, my tickets were purchased and the concert was a few days away. It was amazing that I could get tickets so close to the concert day. My dad had his friend at the ticket place put it on hold for me. He believed I would make $2,000 before the concert. He always believed in me no matter how far fetched my plan was. But him counting on me to do it is what gives me the drive. I don’t want to let him down. He’s done too much for me. We’ve been through a lot. My brother died when I was 17. I am 18 now so it’s still a fresh memory. I was the closest to him. My sister left fro college that year and younger brother did the thing most guys would use as a way to just “forget”. He got into drugs and alcohol and sluts. As for my mom… she was the strongest person I know. We had a lot of losses with our aunts/ uncles and our cousins and grandparents. But my brother passing away threw her overboard. The first few weeks she would try to hold it all in if someone was there. I’d suffer at night hearing her loud sobs. It killed me. The worst time was after a month or two. She stopped caring if people were watching. She’d break down crying when something reminded her of him. This was the hardest thing to watch. He was her oldest son and she had the best connection with him. Back to my present life now! She still breaks down crying and little things set her off. 

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