Lost then found

Ever know what it's like out in the real world? Especially in a big city like London. Juliana loves her sister alot. And the rest of her family. Until they take the last trip before Juliana is sent out into the real world. Juliana and her sister get lost in London and her family flew back to Atlanta, where they live. Juliana and her sister knew they had many struggles to go through in London all by their selves, until some one familiar comes to care for them. What happens next? What is she supposed to do?


3. Waking to a surprise

All I could remember when I woke up:
1: My dream
2: curly haired boy picking me up saying"hush now. It's okay. I'm only getting you to safety.
When I woke up I thought I was having another dream. It was like heaven when I woke up in a bed with pure white covers and modern day styled room. Blurry at first, but then it all cleared up. The first thing I thought when I woke up. I'm hungry....and thirsty. There it all was. There as if someone had been reading my mind. No. It had been there for a while. Someone had been expecting me to wake up. They stayed there for a while shaking me in my shocked state... Which there was no point in that...and then they left and went downstairs......okay, Sherlock. Stop messing with yourself, I thought in my mind. I grabbed for the platter and devoured whatever was on that plate and drank what was in the cup. Then I finally came to my senses and wondered about my surroundings. I was in a room. A modern day room with a high tech shower and modern art posters. Whoever found me was very rich, I thought. I thought about my dream I had in the alley. Remembered pure white. Then someone warned me this whole thing would happen.......ALLY!!! I forced my self out of the bed but fell back down. My legs were in very poor condition. I was very weak. I was bruised and thrown around. When I thought about Ally, I started to remember what happened to us. Our parents still haven't come to look for us yet. A shame. I got back in the bed. Sitting up I waited for a minute straight. Then a boy walked in to pick up the platter. Someone familiar. Just as the dream had said. But this time I knew who it was. Pretty obvious, actually. The curls, the dimples. It all made sense now. The boy was Harry Styles.

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