Lost then found

Ever know what it's like out in the real world? Especially in a big city like London. Juliana loves her sister alot. And the rest of her family. Until they take the last trip before Juliana is sent out into the real world. Juliana and her sister get lost in London and her family flew back to Atlanta, where they live. Juliana and her sister knew they had many struggles to go through in London all by their selves, until some one familiar comes to care for them. What happens next? What is she supposed to do?


2. Someone familiar

It was days after my family left my sister and I in London when I came down with phnemonia. It was terrible and I didn't even have a jacket so my sister lent me hers. She didn't seem to get sick ever. It was like impossible, so she let me borrow hers. And even though I was sick I still had to walk. We had no idea where we were going but we still walked. The last couple of days we were in no state to be out on our own like this. We slept in dark alleys against trash cans and behind some buildings. As far as food was concerned, we had only a little money so we bought crackers and water. That only lasted us about two days, so we didn't have any food at all for a while. We were tired, sleepy, thirsty, and hungry when we walked around London. It was a pain to just walk a few meters. We came across the hotel we stayed in with the rest of my family. Ally got so mad, she kicked a metal trash can and made a dent. Yeah, you could definitely say she was born a fighter and a survivor. She is very strong even when it comes to feelings. If she wasn't with me right now I would not be alive. One night when we were looking for a place to sleep, a dark alley, we hoped, we found one and just at that moment my vision shifted and clicked. I could here myself breathing and my heart pumping, but nothing else. Everything around me just tuned out. All I could hear was Ally's voice saying"Juliana, are you okay?" She dagged me against the trash can and I began getting the spots in my vision. I looked at Ally one last time and shut my eyes. Everything in my vision was a very bright white. I felt fine and healthy. No sick feeling. No nothing. My face was clean and I actually felt like a normal person. Ally walked right in front of me dressed in straight white as I was. "Hey", she finally said. "Someone will be waiting for you when you wake up. Someone famous. Someone you know." She smiled at me. "Who?", I asked. She smiled again. "That is for you to figure out", she said. I looked at her with confusion." You'll be fine",
She said. She got up from where we were sitting and started to walk off in the distance. But my words stopped her."wait! Ally, what should I do? Ally?" It was too late. My dream was gone. I saw a curly haired boy in my vision but couldn't make out who it was because it was so blurry. He managed to whisper"hush. It's okay. I'm only getting you to safety." That voice, I thought, that voice was very familiar. Before I could figure out who it was, I blacked out....again.
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