From Trash to Class

All I could think was "This is like something pulled out of a Harry Potter movie" as you turned into Latymer Upper School. Every single person was in uniform. All I want to do is get back on that stupid private jet and make my way back to Huntington Beach to catch some waves.
"Well Athena.How do you like it?" said Peter.
"It's um nice." I said with a fake smile. I seriously need out of London now.


1. The Move to London

"I'M NOT MOVING THERE MOTHER AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" I yelled running up to my room. I couldn't believe after six months of dating this rich British guy we have to move to stupid England.

Sorry how rude of me. My names Athena Vazquez well by next week it will be "Miss Athena Amelia Whitefield" which sounds awful. It's only changing because my mother has been dating some rich British guy name Peter Maxwell Whitefield. I mean he seriously is a really nice guy, but right about now he made mList of people I wish to kill list. He wants my mom and I to move half way across the world and he wants me to change my last name to his! I honestly have no clue how my dad agreed to this, but I guess he still does love my mom. To make this short. My mom and dad got divorced when I was about 11. Two years ago she this guy who was really just a friend at first, but about 6 months ago he became my mothers boyfriend. Now because they're in love he wants us to pack up are lives in California and move to England. Ugh men.

Anyways my life is over.

"Athena may I come in?" my mom said.

"Yeah whatever."

"I don't understand Thena you always have wanted to visit England. Why is is now you can't stand it.?"

"Momma I love England, but the thought of moving there, living with Peter, and going to some English school isn't something I'm actual stoked about."

"Well get over it. We are going baby. This is good for us trust me. Now get the rest of your junk packed lazy butt. We have a flight to catch at 3am." she said with a smile.

I got off my bed and started packing. All I could think about was that I'd be leaving my whole entire life here. My memories, my childhood, my friends and family. I almost started crying when I seen my dad peak his head through my door.

"Hey mija what are you up to?" he said in aching voice.

"Packing because mom told me so."

"Well take a break and come here." he said patting the bed.

I went over to him and sat next to him, "Look dad I really just wanna finish packing, eat my last taco from Tio and sleep till we leave.

"I know but here." he said handing me a box.

I opened it and almost screamed. "Omg, dad this is the necklace I wanted!" I said as I held up the necklace with the letter A in diamonds.

"I know so I got it for you so you remember that your dad loves you and will miss you and that every time you look at it sabes que you remember your old man."

I hugged him tight and put it on as he left my room to finish cooking with my uncle. I almost forgot about packing, but I knew if I did my mom would snap my neck. I finished up and ran downstairs to the smell of food. As I waited impatiently I seen my mom and dad talking. I always wished they'd get back together, but they both made it clear they never would. I just watched them hug eachother tight and come in to eat with all of us.

"So ma are you gonna miss Tios tacos when we move?" I said with my mouth full.

"Of course, but hush and eat." she said.

It was honestly the weirdest dinner ever. No one talked except my baby cousin who was speaking gibberish. As soon as everyone finished eating we cleaned up and said bye to them all. My last night seeing my family.

"Thena make sure you shower and sleep soon. Need to get up early."

"Yeah ma I will right now."

As I finished up the dishes I showered and went straight to bed.

"Thena wake it its 2:30am we need to get to the airport." my mom said as I stumbled to get up.

"Yeah I'm up mom!"

"Okay come on everything is in the car already. It's a long flight so you can sleep on the jet baby." she said as we walked to the car. We got on and started to drive off. I looked back then looked down.

As we approached LAX I knew my life was about to change, and all I could think about was how much I wanted bacon and eggs right about now. 

We got out of the car, walked into the jet and sat down.

"Thena smile. We are on our way." my mom said with a smile. I waved bye and closed my eyes.

I was dreaming about that we left without me saying goodbye to my dad and I was woken up after awhile.

"Thena we are here. Welcome to your new home." she said pointing outside the window.

"London" I said with a sigh.

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