"Moments in time I'll find the words to say before you leave me today...." He sang softly in my ear as I drifted into an endless dream.


2. Chapter Two

Moments Chapter 2
Aubrey's POV
"Aubrey! Wake up!" My mum called me from the bottom of the stairs. I rub my eyes and groan. I go to sit up when I feel the shooting pain in my stomach and choke down a sob an grit my teeth. It was just a small ache. I hold my stomach and go about getting dressed. I dress in some sweats and a thick long sleeve shirt, I don't even pay attention to the colors.
I make my way down the stairs trying to look okay for my mum. "Hello dear. Do you want some tea?" She asked fixing herself her own tea. "No thanks," I mumble trying my way to keep my voice even. "Alright then lets go dear," my mum said grabs her purse and walks to the door. I follow her out still holding my aching stomach. When we make it into the car, i immediately collapse onto the seat and wince. It never hurts this bad. "What's wrong?" My mum asked concerned. "Nothing..Im fine," I say looking away. My mum starts driving and before I know it were at the doctors.
When we get out my arms retake their place clutching my stomach. We walk in the doors and walk up to the middle aged receptionist with brown mousy hair, bright blue eyeshadow, bright red lipstick, and a rather large mole to the left of her lips. "What can I do for you?" She asked never looking away from the game of solitaire on her computer."We're here to see Dr. Channing," my mum explained stifling a laugh. My mum was good for a joke. "Aubrey?"the receptionist asked. "Yes," my mum said still choking down those chuckles. "Corridor C, third room. Dr. Channing's been waiting for you," said the receptionist going back to her solitaire. I don't blame her that game looked pretty intense.
As we started down the hall I started to notice my stomach again and moaned. "What's wrong honey?" Mum asked obviously concerned. "My stomach," I complained like a child but I couldn't help it, it hurt so bad. "Okay well we're almost there, can you make it?" She asked looking at me still very concerned. I give a small and nod and continue the excruciating walk. We walk into the small examination room and immediately the doctor greets us. "Hello, I'm guess you're Aubrey," he says looking at me. I nod and invite myself onto the examination table wanting to alleviate some of my pain. "So what's been going on?" Dr. Channing asks with a heavy accent. "My stomach," I say my voice raspy. "She's been having fevers and headaches and she hasn't been able to get out of bed for two weeks," my mum says silently scolding me for not telling everything. Sorry I feel like I'm being stabbed in the stomach repeatedly! "Flip over onto your back please," directs the doctor. I did so, having been on my stomach hoping to make it stop. I wince at moving. "I'm just going to feel your stomach a bit," he says placing his hands on my stomach immediately making me wince. He starts to push lightly and I start to cry. It hurts so bad. "That hurt?" He asks and I can hear the concern in his voice. I nod unable to speak. "On a scale of one to ten?" Dr. Channing asks slowly. "Eleven," I answer because it is worse than the worst pain I've ever felt. He sighs, "a word with you Mrs. Smith?" My mum look at him sadly and walks out. Why is she sad? I mean it can't be that bad right?
After a very long three minutes they returned, forcing unconvincing smiles. "Well Aubrey you're going to need to have some test done," Dr. Channing said. "I was supposed to go back to school and dance. I was suppose to be on stage not on another table and having people poke at me!" I yell the best I can. "I know honey but its important you get these tests. As soon as their done ill let you go back to dance, I promise," my mum said. Dr. Channing gave us the time for the test and we thanked him and left.
My stomach still hurt like hell but somehow I made it to the car. I sat down and let out a breath of relief. "So mom, why did you look so sad after talking to the doctor?" I asked just to make conversation. "Oh I wasn't," she said going through a red light. That's when I knew something was wrong because she always is a careful driver. "Mum! You ran a red light! What'd he say?" I screamed at her tears stinging my eyes. "Well, Aubrey it could be serious," my mom said trying to stay calm. When the words finally sunk in, I couldn't feel anything, I was numb. We were silent the rest of the way.
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