"Moments in time I'll find the words to say before you leave me today...." He sang softly in my ear as I drifted into an endless dream.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter 3:

Aubrey's POV

I was now home from the doctors. I haven't said a word to my mum since the whole car discussion. I couldn't rap my mind around how this could be serious or not. It scared me half to death really. Yet it could just be something stupid too. Doctors weren't always right, were they?

I climbed into my bed, the spot I have been in for weeks now, and grabbed my phone. I left it here while I went to the doctors. I saw that I had missed messages from Lou. I read through them.

Lou<3: Hey babe<3 How you feeling? Are we still on for tonight? Well call or text me when you get this(:

I smiled down at my phone. He cared so much about me, I loved it. Who knew one person could make you so happy. Like I said before, I didn't love him, but I did care about him a heck of a lot. Then I remembered, Louis and I were suppose to go on a little date tonight. I face palmed myself. How could I have forgotten. I felt to sick to my stomach to do anything. Louis would understand. Right? Of course he would. I just feel bad because he was really busy with recording, I should be lucky he even talks to me as often as he does. I dialed Louis' number in my phone. I waited for him to answer...

First ring..
Second ring...
Third ring...

" Hello?", I heard Lou's smooth voice echo through the phone. " Hey Lou", I tried to sound happy so he wouldn't be able to tell something's wrong. " Aubrey are you okay?", he had asked. You couldn't get anything past Louis even if you tried. " Yeah babe I'm fine, but umm, I can't go out tonight. I'm sorry I just don't feel well", I waited for his response. I heard him sigh, " Aub it's fine, just promise you'll be ok?". I laughed. " I promise, well I have to go I'm pretty tired, so goodnight", I said with a small smile. " Night babe". Then he hung up. I really hope he wasn't mad at me, I couldn't help but feel even worse. He's been excited about talking me out somewhere. I basically, haven't left this house except for when I went to the doctors. Ugh! I hate being sick!

The next thing I knew it was morning. I don't remember falling asleep. I sat up a little bit before the pain re-entered my stomach. Then there was a quiet knock on the door. I saw my mum's head peak in. " Morning dear, how you feeling?", she tried to smile. " Like shit mum, pardon my French", I mumbled. " Aubrey you know how I feel about you swearing", she sighed, " But we are going to get tests done today, so get ready". She then left the room. I mumbled under my breath and attempted to climb out of bed.

I got ready, slowly I might add. When I was done I descended down the stairs leading to the family room. I saw my mum waiting for me by the front door. I gave her a fake smile, hoping to make her feel better about this. The corners of her lips perked up a bit, but quickly went back down. " Come on let's get this over with", I said before stepping outside. The pain in my stomach seemed to be getting worse as time went on. I heard my mum sigh, but she followed me out.

We got buckled up in the car and headed out to the dreaded doctor's office. We stepped into the same building as yesterday. We walked up to the same receptionist that was there yesterday. " Hello, we're here for some tests for my daughter", my mum said trying not to look the woman in the eye. " Aubrey?", the woman said in the same tone. We both nodded. " Corridor C, third room". We nodded again and headed to the doctors room again.

I held my stomach, the pain getting worse and worse. " Come on honey", my mum said opening the door. I stepped in. I saw that Dr. Channing was already in there. " Why hello Aubrey, welcome back", he extended his hand out. I just stared at it. He eventually got the message and pulled his hand back. " Well uh, we are gonna start the tests right away. If you would follow me", Dr. Channing said while reopening the door. I nodded and followed, leaving my mum along in the room.

I stepped into the little room and took a seat. " Ok Aubrey we are just going to take some blood samples first", the doctor said. I hate needles, with a burning passion. Just the sight of them make me get sick. When he pulled out the needle from the drawer I swore my stomach dropped to the floor. I started to scoot away from him. " Calm down, it's just a little needle", he tried to sooth me. " No! Keep that fucking thing way from me!", I swatted it away. He called some people in to hold me down. " No! No!", I kept screaming. There were two large male nurses holding me down to the table. Dr. Channing came closer with the needle in hand. I felt as if I was in a horror movie.

The needle was finally injected into my arm. I squeezed my eyes shut. I gripped the edge of the table as hard as I could with my hands. " You can open your eyes now", the doctors voice woke me up. I slowly opened my eyes to see a crayon band-aid on my arm. " See was it that bad?", he chuckled a little while handing the tube with my blood in it, to some other lady. I just sat there. " Yes! Yes it was!", I screamed, " I hate needles!". The doctor laughed at me again before leading me back in the hall. We walked back to the room my mum was in. " We should get the results back in a couple of days, we'll give you a ring", the doctor said to my mum. She nodded. We ten left the room and headed back to the car.

" So how was it?", she asked while pulling out of the parking lot. " It sucked", I said under my breath. I just can't wait for this all to be over with, so I can go back to dance and school. I let out a big sigh. Only if I can go back to my normal life.
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