"Moments in time I'll find the words to say before you leave me today...." He sang softly in my ear as I drifted into an endless dream.


8. Chapter Seven

Louis's POV I woke up and it was only six o'clock. I had a really hard time sleeping last night. I was so worried about Aubrey. It hurt me that she only had a short amount of time before she died. I wasn't sure if I loved her yet, but I did really care about her. A lot. I decided to get up and go see her, I knew that she was probably asleep. I didn't care though, I just needed to be with her. At this point, every second mattered. I got into my small Volkswagen and drove to the hospital. "You're here for Ms. Smith again, right?" Asked one of the many nurses. "Yes," I said smiling at her. It felt nice to smile, whatever the reason. "Okay, this way;" the nurse said leading me down a long corridor. I followed her. I was happy and upset at the same time. I couldn't wait to see her, but I didn't wanna see her like this. "Just be quiet she's still asleep. Okay honey?" She said with the same sweet tone. I just smiled and nodded I pushed the door open and what I saw hurt me beyond belief. Just in a days time, my beautiful Aubrey had become pale and her face looked dramatically thinner. I walked over beside her bed and started to run my fingers through her long beautiful brown hair. At least that had stayed the same. I did that for another few moments before I started to look around the room. It was boring and bland, just like any other hospital room. It was depressing to look at it. It was nothing like Aubrey's room. Walls covered in pictures and posters, bright colors, books lining her shelves, and just the presence of her. I grabbed her cold and noticed a small sheet of paper on her lap I decided to look at it. It was a list....a bucket list. Aubrey's Bucket List(: 1. Go movie hopping!(: 2. Go grocery shopping at three a.m.(: 3. Slow dance under the stars<3 4. Pull a true all nighter!(: 5. Carve our names into a tree<3 6. Have a paint fight(:< 7. Actually slap Harry for hitting on me >:D 8. Kiss other guys..(just to see what it's like) 9. Choreograph a One Direction concert(: 10. Do a duet with Lou<3 11. Sleep on the beach c: 12. Write a song(: 13. Make a difference<3 14. Kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower<3 15. Get matching tattoos(: 16. Get a promise ring(: 17. Fall in love<3 18. Have my first time<3 19. Never forget<3 I read and re-read the list. It amazed me how much she's never done. I had no idea that I was the only guy she's ever been with....and she hasn't ever had her first time? I had to do this for her. She needed to experience all of these things. Everyone did. I looked down at her she began to stir. We needed to talk. Aubrey's POV I felt the pressure of someone's hand in mine. Lou! I woke up and smiled into his beautiful blue- green eyes. He was so handsome. He smiled gently down at me. "Hello love," he said stroking my hair, as he always did. "Hey Lou. What time is it?" I asked. It still seemed kind of early. "Just about seven," he responded, the smile never leaving his face. He seemed so much better today. It cheered me up a little bit more. "Really? That early?" I said with shock. I never was up this early! Well, I guess I was technically up at four thirty....but he didn't need to know about that. "Aubrey," he started getting serious, "I think we need to talk about some things." He looked me right in the eye, he was going to break up with me. This is why I didn't have any relationships! "Fine! Go ahead! Leave me! I thought you were different!" I yelled, I was really angry. I thought he'd never leave me. I begin to cry. "What are you talking about?" He screamed back confused. He wasn't breaking up with me? I just looked at him confused. "You honestly thought that I was going to leave you at a time like this?" Louis asked a little bit hurt. "Well, I just thought that since I'm going to die soon, that you wouldn't want anything to do with me," I said looking away embarrassed at my mistake. "No, Aubrey believe it or not, I actually care for you," Louis said with a small laugh. I smiled, "Yeah, I know, but I just get really scared," I answered him honestly. "I know. Everyone does, but what I wanted to talk about was that bucket list of yours," he said becoming serious again. "Louis, how did you find that?", I asked slowly. No one was supposed to see that! He's probably really hurt right now and it's all my fault. "Well, you didn't make it very hard to find Aub. It was on your lap," he said laughing at me. I guess I fell asleep with it on my lap. I really meant to hide it. God, was I forgetful! "Lou, I didn't want you to see that. I wanted to do it by myself," I complained to him. "Why not? I wanted to talk to you about it because I want to make sure you do all of these," he said the smile leaving his face. I just continue to be angry and ignored him. "Plus, I do believe that some of them include me," he said smirking at me. I slapped his arm playfully and laughed. I couldn't stay mad at him that long anyways. "So you're gonna help me with this?" I asked smiling at him. "Pinky promise," he said offering his pinky. I smiled and linked mine with his, it was now official. He had too. ~Authors Note~ So hey lovelies(: Surprise update! Merry BooBear day! And Christmas Eve.... Anyways(: I hope you like this chapter...I did. It was so cute! Please let me know why you think(: I'f I get enough comments ill update again(: and if you haven't noticed we have a co-author! Lexi(: love her! Anyways yeah comment and I'll ipdate again(: Stay Lovely Lovelies, (you get a new closing for Christmas and BooBear day! Ya like? :D) -Ashley(: xx <3
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