"Moments in time I'll find the words to say before you leave me today...." He sang softly in my ear as I drifted into an endless dream.


10. Chapter Nine

Louis's POV

"Well, I think we should go..." Announced Liam softly with a forced smile. They stayed for awhile an tried to hide how shocked and hurt they were, but it was still pretty evident. It was honestly best they left. "Bye Aub," Nialler said hugging her and choking a sob. "See you around," Zayn said softly hugging her and quickly walking away, obviously overcome with emotion. "See ya around beautiful," Harry halfheartedly flirted, hugging her. He pulled away and smiled sadly at her and left. Last was Liam, he didn't say anything. He just hugged her and walked away.
It was unbelievably hard to watch, but it was also amazing at the same time. It just proved that they cared about her just as much as I do. Obviously, in a completely different way. It meant more to me then they realized. "So Lou, lets watch Monsters Inc," Aubrey randomly suggested to me. Only her, I think as I laugh and nod my head. "My mum packed it, it's right in my bag. Go out it in and get me something to drink," she sweetly demanded me, innocently batting her eyelashes. That girl.

"Very demanding girl," I joke following her instructions. I set her glass of water down next to her and she pats the spot next to her on the bed. "Are you sure that's okay? I mean, I might yank the IV out," I say worriedly. She just shakes her head and pats the bed again. I jut shake my head and lay next to her.

"Hey there," she smiles, looking up at me. "Hello lovely," I say happily to her. "How are you today?" She asked me with a bit of sarcasm. "I've been better, but I'm alright because I'm with you," I say playfully pecking her on the nose. She wrinkles her nose and giggles. "You're giggle is so cute," I say smiling and looking into her deep brown eyes. "Shut up! I sound like a duck when I laugh!" She exclaims hiding her face. "Don't hide that! It's so pretty!" I yell taking her hands away from her face.

We start to burst out into a fit of laughs and started to playfully fight an wrestle. Eventually she somehow rolled on top of me, we just stared into each others eyes. Slowly, she leaned in and our lips met. Our lips moved sweetly in sync. I could do this forever. This moment was one to remember, forever. As she smiled into the kiss, I realized that it was these little exchanges that I had to hold onto. I had to cherish every second I spent with her.

My Aubrey's time was ticking away, and I wanted to be with her every second of it. I had to remember it all. I had to remember the way her yes shine, full of life. The way she throws her head back when she laughs. the way her hair shines and flows. The way her lips feel on mine. The way she smells, and feels in my arms. I had to remember her. I had to make it count.

"Lou?" She asked rolling off of me and propping herself up on her elbows. "Yes love?" I questioned back smiling softly. "What were you thinking about?" She asked seriously. I sigh and look over at her gorgeously confused face. "Well, I was thinking about how I had to remember everything about you. I have to make everything count," I answered honestly. She sat and thought about it for a few moments in contemplation. Slowly, a smile crept onto her face. "Thanks Lou," she said pecking me on the cheek softly. "Now lets watch the movie." I just smile, nod, and pull her closer. I want this forever.

Aubrey's POV

As I'm sitting in Lou's arms watching one of my favorite movies, I thought about how there was time limit on perfect times like this. It honestly made me really painfully depressed, but I had to send the thoughts away. If I wanted to be happy when I died, I couldn't focus on things like this. I start to feel fatigue and slowly fall asleep in Lou's arms. I never want this to end. I want him forever.

~authors note~
Thanks for reading lovelies, I hope you like it<3
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