"Moments in time I'll find the words to say before you leave me today...." He sang softly in my ear as I drifted into an endless dream.


4. Chapter Four

Chapter 4:

Aubrey's POV

It's been three days since the testing has been done, but still no results. I was getting a shower and was going to get ready for today. I was feeling a bit better, so I decided I wanted to go to dance. I have missed it so much. Dancing is like a passion to me, it's one of the things in my life that make me happy. I pulled on my grey sweats, my dance academy t-shirt, and my DC's. I pulled my bag over my shoulder and went down the stairs. I saw my mum standing by the coffee machine.

She turned around and saw me standing there. " Where do you think you're going?", she asked while walking closer to me. I looked around, anywhere but at her. " I, umm, I'm going to dance mum. I have to, I miss it to much", I said looking at the ground. She places her hands on my face and made me look at her. " Honey, I understand, but you're sick. What if something happens?", she sounded worried. I sighed annoyingly. I was tired of hearing how sick I was, or all the what ifs... " Mum, I'm feeling better. Please let me go. Please!", I was practically begging her. " I don't think that's a good idea...", she trailed off.

I had nothing left to do, so... I got on my knees, grabbed her hands, and begged. " Please! Please! Please please please!". I heard her laugh a little. " If anything happens Aubrey! I swear..". " So does that mean yes...?", a smile crept on my face. " Remember to drink lots of water and to take some breaks". " Is that a yes...?", the smile got bigger. Mum nodded. I jumped off the ground and into her arms. " Thank you thank you thank you!", I was yelling into her ear. I cant even describe how happy I am.

I was now driving to the dance studio. I haven't stepped a foot in there since I first started getting sick. I put the car into park and stepped out. I pulled my dance bag over my shoulder. Here I go. One step closer to my old life. I opened the glass door slowly. All the dancers, most of which were my friends, looked fully committed into their dance.

As soon as I stepped on the hard wood floor, everyone stopped. Everything went silent. " Aubrey?", I heard the familiar voice of my instructor call. I swiftly turned around to see everyone. " Yeah that's what they call me", I said with a big smile. " Aubrey!", A few girls screamed and ran to me. I indulged them into a big hug. I didn't realize how much I missed these girls until now. We all just held each other for a while. " Come on girls we have to practice", I breathed out from their bone crushing hug. They all nodded and went back to the dance floor. I smiled, then pulled my hair into a messy bun.

I walked out to the dance floor, treasuring every moment I stepped on the wood flooring. " Ok girls! It's a simple, one two three, One two! Ready and go!", the instructor called out while showing us the moves. Like usual I memorized each step as she did them. I instantly started following her lead. I let my body move with the music, letting my bones soak up the sound. I felt so free, it was amazing.

We took a quick break to get some water. I pulled out my water bottle and took a small sip. " Aub I think you should drink more than that", that voice brought back old happy memories. I turned to face the direction of the voice. " Oh my god Aiden! I missed you!", I screamed before running into her arms. Aiden and I have been friends ever since we both joined dance, which is a long time. " I missed you too! I heard you're sick, are you ok", she picked up my arm inspecting it. I laughed, " Yeah I was sick, but I'm fine now". " Good! Because dance has not been the same without my little firecracker!", Aiden said before pulling me in for another hug.

She pulled me away, then smirked at me. " Sooo... How's Lou doing?". I felt myself blush. Of course Aiden knew about Louis and I! She was actually the first person to find out about us. " Good I think, I haven't talked to him in a few days", I looked down. The last time I talked to him was the night I couldn't go on our date. I haven't tried to contact him, I figured if I just have him some space then everything would be okay. I honestly think he's mad at me, I really do.

" Why not?", Aiden asked breaking me from my thoughts. I just shrugged. " I think he's mad at me, so I'm giving him some space you know". She rolled her eyes at me. " Louis couldn't be mad at you even if he tried. He's Lou for god sakes!", she threw her arms up in the air. I laughed at her silliness, which reminders me of Louis. I felt a pain in my chest, not the sick kind, but the missing someone kind.

" Yeah I guess, but I just.... Ugh I don't know!", I lowered my head in shame. Aiden was about to say something when, " Girls! Come on, back to work!", the instructor called out to us. I smiled, happy that this conversation was over.

I got up and followed everyone else to the dance floor. " Ok girls run through it again! Ready and!". I started dancing again. The way I always did. It felt so good to be back I the dancing business.

As the dance carried on I felt myself getting weaker and weaker. My vision began to get fuzzy. I knew I should stop, but I just can't. I was not gonna let this feeling get in between something I loved. I continued dancing until the pain in my stomach returned, but stronger then ever before. I cringed in pain, but continued to dance. I danced and danced, then a big pain came from my side. I screeched in pain and fell to the floor.

" Aubrey?! Are you okay?", I heard people around me call. " Aubrey!", was the last thing I heard before everything went black.
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