"Moments in time I'll find the words to say before you leave me today...." He sang softly in my ear as I drifted into an endless dream.


12. Chapter Eleven

Aubrey's POV  



I wake up to the sun showing through the window. I'm feeling almost numb, almost no pain. But I know that will change when I try to stand up. A soft knock comes from the door, soon a head peaked in. It was my mum. She had a sad smile on her face. I couldn't even imagine how she's feeling about all of this, so I have to act like nothing is wrong. I hate seeing her so depressed.


"Hey mum...", I say softly with a smile. She doesn't say a word, instead she runs over to me and hugs me tightly. I should be in pain, but I've been craving the feeling of one of her hugs for a long time now. We didn't say a word, we just embarrassed each other, not wanting to release one another. "It's okay mum...", I whisper in her ear trying to comfort her. She nods sucking in a sob, "I love you honey. I just want you to know that."  


I nod now also trying to keep in a sob. Not only is this disease effecting me and Louis. Also my mother. I'm basically all she has left since Dad does across the seas. She'll be all alone when I finally pass. "I love you mum. I promise it will be okay." I lie. It seems like the only thing to say right now. She pulls away shaking her head, "No it's not. If only I would've taken you to the doctors sooner. They could've tried to cure it. We wouldn't be in this situation. It's all my fault!" All the tears start falling from her eyes. "No mum! It's not your fault! Don't say that!", I try to tell her. None of this was her fault at all! She shouldn't be blaming herself for any of my problems!


  She walks over to the corner chair and takes a seat, wiping her eyes. "So. Is Louis coming down today?", She asks quickly changing the subject. I nod trying to smile, "Yeah. I think we're going over Harry's today." "Oh really? Well just be careful okay? I don't want my little baby getting hurt", after she says this she gets up and heads over to my bed, placing a delicate kiss on my forehead. I nod agreeing with her, having a real smile on my face. "I'll be by later tonight. Give me a call if you need anything. And I mean absolutely anything", She says sternly with hands on her hips. "I will. I promise."

   She leans down, giving me another small kiss on the cheek, before grabbing her purse and leaving. Even with just that short visit, I'm feeling much better. Just having my mum around can do that to me.  





"Lou, are you sure this is a good idea?", I ask looking out the car window to Harry's overly large flat. Louis has already checked me out of the hospital and we are parked in front of the Styles house. "Yes! We all have a surprise for you inside, just come on!", Louis says already halfway out the door. I take one more glance at the house before opening my door. "I would've gotten that for you love..", Louis says with a smile. "I can handle doors." Surprisingly, today I'm not in that much pain. Only slight aches, but nothing to drastic. It feels nice actually. Louis takes my hand leading me up to the door, before he knocks. Seconds later, the door opens revealing a smiling Harry. "Hey you two! Took you long enough!", He laughs opening the door wider so we could step in. Louis smiles down at me letting me walk ahead. I stepped in onto the dark hard wood floor, taking in the smell of the room. I missed it here. I miss all the times we would all hang out here.


   "Sorry for the mess. Josh was here earlier, and that happened", Harry laughed pointing over to the couches. Food crumbs all over them, clothes everywhere. My girl instincts were about to kick in and go clean it up, but Louis had a right grip on my hand. "So. What's this surprise Lou was telling me about?", I ask with a smile already plastered on my face. Harry started to smirk, "Follow me."  


  Harry started walking towards his basement door, so Louis and I followed closely behind him. We descended down the steps into the pitch black room. "What is this?", I ask worriedly. Then all the lights flickered on. My jaw fell open when I saw the display. The walls and floors were covered in a white tarp, with many cans of paint scattered about the room. Liam, Zayn, and Niall all jumped out from the other room, "Surprise!"


    "Wait... Does this mean....?" I get cut off by paint being flung on my face. "Paint Fight!", Niall yelled grabbing the yellow paint can. Harry grabbed the green. Louis got the red. Zayn grabbed orange. Liam got blue. And I got pink, of course. We all started throwing paint everywhere. The walks started becoming works of art from the paint flying onto them. Even our bodies were becoming human canvases! I was giggling uncontrollably, throwing paint everywhere. It was one of the best feelings I've ever experienced .


"Hey babe!", Louis yelled from behind me. I turned around only to have red paint smothered all over my face. "LOU!", I shrieked.   All the lads busted out laughing. "Oh so you find this funny?!", I yelled laughing a little myself. "Yes!" Zayn laughed. I ran over with my can in hand and started throwing more and more paint on them. We were all laughing so loud and freely.  


 Finally we were all out of paint. So we all took a spot on the floor and just laughed together, also looking at our "artworks" on the wall. "Hey Aubrey...", Harry whispered in my ear. I turned my to face him, he had a smirk on his blue face. "You wanna make purple?" At first I was confused as to what he was talking about, but then I remembered my face was covered with red paint. In a quick moment my hand came into contact with his cheek. I just slapped him! I finally slapped Harry! "Ey!", Harry laughed holding his now slightly pink cheek. "Sorry not sorry...", I laughed. I took one final look at all the boys surrounding me. They all cared about me and I most certainly cared about them. I look over at Louis, giving him a thankful and loving smile.


    Once back at the hospital, I was flipping through all the Television channels. Louis dropped me off almost an hour ago after I got a shower at Harry's place. Right now I'm in one of Harry's old tee shirts that he insisted I kept. Wait! I almost forgot! I reached over into the drawer and pulled out my list. Taking a pen, crossing off 'Have a paint fight' and 'slap Harry for hitting on me'. I got two birds with one stone. Metaphorically speaking that is. But I have to say, today was absolutely amazing.        




 Hey guys, Lexi here! Ashley and I would like to apologize for the long wait on this chapter. It's just we have been suuuuuper busy! But now that it's summer we have more time!


  Thanks for reading! :)   ~Lexi <3

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