"Moments in time I'll find the words to say before you leave me today...." He sang softly in my ear as I drifted into an endless dream.


9. Chapter Eight

Louis's POV

As we unhooked pinkies we looked at each other and laughed. I loved when she laughed, it was adorable. "So when do you think we should tell the boys?" I asked her playing with her beautiful brown hair. "Would you stop that?" She asked swatting my hand away, but I just kept playing with it. "And I'm not sure....the sooner the better?" She said looking at me. "Yeah I guess I'll text Liam so that he can bring all the lads over," I replied with a sigh.

-text conversation-
TheSwagMastaOfDobcata(:- Li Li bring the lads up to the hospital.
Leyum(:- sure thing. May I ask why though?

I just ignored the text. They were coming they'd find out when they got here.

Liam's POV

I re-read Louis text. He seemed really serious, and he wouldn't tell me why. This had to be serious. "Hey lads! We have to go meet Lou at the hospital," I told Harry, Zayn, and Niall. "Why?" They asked in unison. "I'm not sure, Lou wouldn't tell me. "Well, okay. Guess we better get in the car," Harry said walking out the door. We all followed. We all got into the car and were for once silent. I guess it was because we were all wondering what could be wrong. I know Aubrey's been sick...but it didn't seem serious.

When we finally got to the hospital I got out of the car and the lads followed me and we walked into the hospital lobby. I walked up to the receptionist not really sure who to ask for. "What can I help you with?" The receptionist asked dully. "I-I'm well not really sure," I answered honestly. "What's the possible name?" She asked clearly annoyed. The boys snickered behind me. I gave them a look that made them shut up. "Either Aubrey (I forget the last name) or Louis Tomlinson," I answered her. "Aubrey (last name inserted here)?" She asked kind of sadly.

I was confused by her sadness, but that was Aubrey so I guess we'd find out. "Actually yes," I said excitedly. "Corridor C, room 6," she said still very sadly. Maybe she lost her solitaire game. I don't know. We all started down the hall and something really didn't seem right, but we went on.

When we got there, I knocked on the hard, wood door. Louis answered with depressed and tired expression. "What's wrong Lou?" I asked grabbing his shoulder. "I think Aub should tell you...." He trailed off a year escaping. He quickly wiped it away and looked down. I knew he was trying to be strong. I pat his shoulder quickly and walk over to Aubrey's bed. What I see horrified me...

Her skin is ghost white, she's lost a lot of weight, and her eyes seemed dull compared to the life they were normally filled with. "Hey Aubrey," I say sitting down next to her. "Aubrey, babe," Harry greets with a half-hearted wink. "I brought you a donut," Niall offered softly. Zayn just waved a little bit. "Hey guys," she greeted softly.

We all sit waiting for her to start. "Well as you can tell...I'm sick...and well it's kinda serious..." She trails off tears spilling out. Louis came to her other side and held her. "Go on, babe. They need to know...." He cooed her softly and lovingly. "Well, I've only got two months the most..." She says never looking at anyone.

Wait two months? That's not right? Didn't they have a cure? Something....anything...she...she couldn't go...the pain ripped through my chest and washed over my body. I started to quiver. She was like my little sister. We were really close, just like family. But that would soon be gone...just like her.

Harry's POV

T-two months? That's it? Our Aubrey...gone in two months? I couldn't feel anything...I was numb. I stared at her and thought of all the good times we've all had together. She's become so much more than just a good friend to me, she was like a sister. I couldn't believe this...

Zayn's POV

I felt a jab of pain in my chest I couldn't believe one of my bet friends had a time limit on life. On experiences, love, and I guess just life in general. She was going miss out on all the little things we all take for granted. She was just going to be...gone...

Nialls POV

I feel te tears welling up in my eyes. I'm not good in situations like this...ever. I try to smile and comfort her, but all the silly and fun things we've done together just hit me square in the face. I can't believe two months...just two. Two months to live out the rest of her life. The tears start to slide down my face slowly. I try to wipe them away before anyone notices, but Zayn sees and pats me on the shoulder.

Aubrey sees too because she says, "Guys don't worry, I'll do everything I've always wanted to do. Please just help me enjoy it, it makes me sad when you're sad," she says choking up a bit. I feel terrible for her, but she's right we have to make it worth while. We had to make it last...if only I was strong enough to help...

~Authors Note~
How have you been? Sorry I haven't updated in forever but I wanted to make a good here you go(: I hope you like comment what you think(:
Thanks guys! So much! From me and Lexi!<3 WE LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

Stay Lovely My Lovelies,

-Ashley(: xx <3
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