"Moments in time I'll find the words to say before you leave me today...." He sang softly in my ear as I drifted into an endless dream.


1. Chapter One

Moments Chapter 1
Aubrey's POV
I laid in bed feeling worse as the time went on. I absolutely hated being sick, and this virus was really taking its toll on me. I wanted to be out doing shows and dancing like I've been doing my whole life. All I got to do for the past two weeks have been lay in bed and watch the stupid telly. If it wasn't for my amazing boyfriend Louis, I'm pretty sure I would have died of boredom.
Speaking of Louis, I heard the door open downstairs and my mum greet him. I heard footsteps on the stairs and sat up a little in my bed. He then knocks on the door, "Room service!" I laughed and replied, "Do come in!" He opens the door. When he came in I see in his arms a teddy bear, a few dance magazines, some comedies, a thermos of something, and carrots.
"Aw Lou! You brought me all of my favorites," I say smiling at his thoughtfulness. "Who says its for you?" Lou says flashing me his one of a kind goofy smile. I roll my eyes and ask, "Who else would it be for?" He looks at my small dog and says, "Sparkle obviously." I just look at him and pout. "Okay, fine it for you," he says leaning down and giving me a small peck. "You want to watch a movie?" He asks me. "Of course," I smile.
As Louis pops the movie in I get myself comfortable. After Lou gets the movie going he plops down next to me. "Okay so to make you feel better I brought you some stuff. First, I brought you some comedies to make you laugh when you're sad because you aren't at school laughing with your friends.
"Next, I brought you some dance magazines so when you miss dance you can read through these and pretend you're there dancing your beautiful little heart out.
"The third thing I brought you was some Yorkshire tea and its strong it will make you stronger. I brought you some carrots just because they make you happy. When you're happy love, so am I.
"Finally, I brought you TedLouis. He is the teddy bear version of me, so that when you miss me when I'm at the studio and on tour you can hug TedLouis," he smiled at me giggling at his silly but meaningful gifts. "oh and I almost forgot, I brought myself so I could do this," he said leaning down to kiss me. I smiled into the kiss and he pulled away. "Thank you Louis," I said turning to the telly to watch the comedy.
The movie was really funny actually. I laughed so hard tears came out, but what made it really good was the weight of Lou's arm around my shoulder. I missed Lou so much when he was at work these passed two weeks. I can't say that I love him, but I like him a lot. When the movie ended we sat up and looked at each other, "would you rather?" ,We said in sync. We laughed for a second then Lou started, "would you rather get hit by a bus or kiss Justin Bieber?". I hated Justin Bieber because of all they hype he got so I answered, "get hit by a bus." Louis smiled, "good answer love." I laughed and asked, "would you rather go bald or your hair turn gray?" He smoothed his hair and frowned, "I'm gonna have to go with bald, but I'll have you know, that question offended me and my hair." I hugged him and pet his hair, " I'm sorry BooBear." We continued this until he had to leave.
I sat in my bedroom until I heard my mom call me from downstairs. " Aubrey!", she yelled. I climbed out of bed and went downstairs. " Yes mum?", I asked. She turned around to face me. " Tomorrow we have to go see a specialist doctor for you. It doesn't seem like you're getting any better". I don't want to go to the doctor. It can't be that bad right? " Mum I don't want to! I'll get better I promise!", I yelled. She shook her head, " No Aubrey, we already have an appointment". I let out a loud sigh and stormed upstairs. When I laid in bed I felt the pain in my stomach increase. Maybe I should go to the doctor. Maybe they can see what's wrong with me.
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