Can We Fall, One More Time?

What do you do when your boyfriend cheats on you? Then asks you to go back with him? Harry Styles is trying desperately to win Alexis' heart. Will he succeed?


4. Carnival

Chapter 4:

Alexis' P.O.V

I woke up to someone pushing me and calling my name. I open my eyes and its Kara. I threw a pillow at her and went under the sheets. "ALEXIS!" "Ugh! WHAAAT!" "Can I have food?" I slowly stick my head out of the covers. "That's why you woke me up didn't you?" "Ummm yes..." She had that look on her face that she always does while begging. There's no way you can say no to it either. "Fine just let me get ready okay?" She nodded and grabbed her phone. I got of the bed and took a shower. I then put a towel around me and look for clothes. I found some blue short shorts from Hollister and this white shirt from Hollister. I grab them and some under guardians. I go to the bathroom to change. I then dry my hair and comb it. I leave it down and start putting on my make up. I then slip on my white, zebra flip flops and go downstairs to make food. I decided to make hash browns, chocolate chip pancakes, sausage and grilled cheese. After I was done I set the food on the table and call Kara down. "KAAARAAA! FOOD IS READY!" I then hear her running down the stairs...and then BOOM! I run by the stairs and Kara was on the floor laughing. "Haha dumbass! Now get up!" Kara gets up and goes to the kitchen table. I join her and we started eating. After we were done, we heard about this amazing carnival. Me and Kara look at each other "Lets go there today! Please!" I ask Kara inpatient. I love roller coasters and any other scary ride. Kara agreed to go there. I then go upstairs and change into jean short shorts, kinda like the ones i wore yesterday except instead of blue pockets, they were white. I put on my white Jordan's to. Kara is waiting for my downstairs. I grab my phone and purse. I text my mum and tell her I'm going to the carnival. The carnival was only 3 blocks away from my house.

Kara's P.O.V

Me and Alexis were eating and this commercial of the carnival came on. Alexis wanted to go there so I just said why not? I mean what can go wrong? When we got there, we bought our tickets and raced in. We went on this huge roller coaster first. Me and Alexis were laughing and having fun until, Alexis stopped laughing and had a serious look on her face. When the ride was over, she grabbed my hand and went into the girls bathroom. "Why are we in here?" I ask her. "Harry is here! I still haven't given him an answer! And I don't know what to say!?" "Wait is Niall with him!?" "For crying out loud Kara, can we focus on the more important stuff?" "Fine. Just tell him you haven't gotten an answer for him yet." Alexis nodded and we both left the girls bathroom.

Harry's P.O.V

Today is going to be amazing! I finally wrote my song! I'll be performing it today at 8. I knew Alexis was going to be here because she never misses a chance to go on rides. I find her with Kara. I tell Niall to go over there. We started walking over there.

Niall's P.O.V

Good! Kara was here! Me and Harry walked over there. I put my hands over Kara's eyes. "Guess who?" "Ummm the pizza man?" "Nope! Guess again!" "Haha I know it's you, Niall...I recognize that Irish accent." I smile and take my hands off. She turns around and hugs me. "Is it okay if I hang out with Kara?" I ask Alexis. She but her lip and looked down as if she was thinking. "Sure." I smiled and grab Kara's hand. We both start walking.

Alexis' P.O.V

Great...Harry and Niall came up to me and Kara...Niall wanted to hang out with Kara so I said yes because I don't want to mess things up. Kara and Niall then both left. I then look at Harry and pretended like I didn't feel any pain in me because I remembered our past. "What do you want to do?" I ask him with a fake smile. "Anything you want to." "Even ride roller coasters?"

Harry's P.O.V

Kara and Niall went to hang out so that left me and Alexis. She looks up at me and asks "What do you want to do?" I can tell she was doing a fake smile. I know her well. I just respond..."Anything you want to." "Even ride roller coasters?" I know I am scared of roller coasters but I'd go on anything with her. I gulp and say "Yes..." She smiles and this time it's a real smile! She grabs my arm and takes me to the biggest roller coaster in the carnival. "Would you ride this?" "Of course! Only if I ride with you!"

Alexis' P.O.V

Harry said he will ride roller coasters...but with me? Right at that moment I felt special. I mean NONE of his other girlfriends could ever convince him to go on one. 30 minutes later it was our turn and then I felt Harry grab my hand. I wanted to let go but I missed him so much I just let it be. When the roller coaster started, Harry grabbed on to the rail really tight and closed his eyes. Then the roller coaster dropped. Harry started screaming. After the roller coaster Harry looked stiff scared. I laughed a little. "You survived!" I said while punching his arm. He smiled and winked. We then started going on more and more rides. Honestly I think I was growing feelings for him again. I'm still not going to date him...he still needs to prove to me that he deserves me. When it was 7:50 we met up with Kara and Niall. We all sat down and started talking. Harry and Niall leave mysteriously...Niall then comes back. Then a couple minutes later, the music stopped. I start looking around and there I see Harry sitting down with a guitar in his hand. I didn't know he played guitar? The only way he can play guitar is if he wrote it himself. He then speaks "Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! I'll be singing a song I've been working on all night. It's called 'Still The One'. This song is for you Alexis." My heart skipped about 5 beats. Then he started playing his guitar.
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