Can We Fall, One More Time?

What do you do when your boyfriend cheats on you? Then asks you to go back with him? Harry Styles is trying desperately to win Alexis' heart. Will he succeed?


1. Nandos

Can We Fall, One More Time?

Alexis' P.O.V

I woke up to a beautiful morning. It was 8:45 out in the UK. I check my phone, like usual, and I see a text from Kara. "Hey! Meet me at the park at 9:30! Kk love you babes :p" I laughed and texted back..."Alright...loves ya to (;" I got up and took a warm shower. I then put a towel around me and go to my room. I started looking through my cabinets. I found this blue Hollister shirt and some jean short shorts with blue pockets sticking out. I pull them both out with some under guardians. I put them on. Then I go to the mirror and comb my hair, dry it and then put it into a messy bun. I search for my blue flip flops. I finally find them. I put them on, grab my phone, spray some perfume on, and walk downstairs. I grabbed a granola bar and walk to the park. I text Kara telling her I was on my way there. She responded telling me to hurry my ass up. I smile and put the phone in my pocket. I then open my granola bar and start eating it. I get to the park in about 5 more minutes. When I arrive there Kara is on the phone with someone.

Kara's P.O.V

I asked Alexis to come to the park because I needed to tell her something really important. My boyfriend, well ex boyfriend now, broke up with me. Alexis was the only person who understood me. I then receive a call from him...his name is Will. I answer the phone..."Hello?" "So you going to go cry to your best friend now? Haha what can she do? She's a stick!" "Don't you dare say that about Alexis! She may be very skinny but she's strong!" I then see Alexis walking towards me. Will started saying something but I hung up on him and ran to Alexis. I hug her and start crying. "W-what happened Kara!?" "W-will b-broke up w-with me!" I start crying even more. Alexis then held me tighter. "It's okay Kara! You don't deserve him! He's a jerk! You were always to good for him!" "Thanks bestie! I love you!" "I love you to. Want to go to Nandos and get an ice cream or something? My treat!" "Sure." I smiled as we walked to Nandos. When we got there we ordered and sat down. Then we saw someone that Alexis wished she never saw ever again...
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