Emo Girl (1D)

Its about an emo girl that meets harry styles and forces herself to not fall in love with him but she does and toby her demon protector harmed her. Will she die or will she survive?


6. Toby

I ran to the hotel because I was getting bored by that boy and his pep talk.I knew toby was going to be mad about this but he would understand right??.I walked into my hotel room and went to my bedroom and picked up toby(toby is a doll but for me he was more than that).

Me:"hi toby".
(Toby could talk because toby was a demon inside a doll).
Tody:"I think you need to explain something dont you?!?!".
I turned my head down and nodded my head.
I explained to him what had happend he was mad but then he told me to not fall in love with him or he would kill me. I nodded in agreement and went to sleep next morning I was going to go to the mall to buy cloth cause I didnt brought much.

Next morning:

I got a cab and went to the mall I went to journeys to buy shoes I bought black converse and went to an emo shop and bought a black gown with dark pink at the end and some black riped gloves and bought black t-shirts and black short shorts It was pretty. I got hungry and went to the food court and bought something to eat and left to take a cab to the hotel.
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