Emo Girl (1D)

Its about an emo girl that meets harry styles and forces herself to not fall in love with him but she does and toby her demon protector harmed her. Will she die or will she survive?


2. scaping

After she slapped me I stood up and runned to my room and locked it I packed a few stuff and got out my pocket knife and went to the bathroom in the corner of my room and started cutting my wrist I enjoyed the pain so I did it again and again and so on when I finished blood was all over the sink and my wrist was all covered in blood.I smiled to my demented self and got out of the bathroom to finish packing my stuff after I finish I got my backpack over my shoulder and went to my window (my room was in the second floor) I jumped out of the window and landed on my feet.I ran as fast as I could and got to the library and sat on a chair in front of the computer and got to a flight website to buy a ticket far away from puerto rico so I thought about England so I bought the ticket with my debit card I still had 5,000.00 dollars from my job at forever 21I worked there since I was 12(I am 18).I went walking to the airport because I lived in ponce and the airport was near the library . I got there real quick I was already on the plane the flight was 12 hours long so I fell asleep till I got there.I got a taxi to a hotel in holmes chapel.
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