Emo Girl (1D)

Its about an emo girl that meets harry styles and forces herself to not fall in love with him but she does and toby her demon protector harmed her. Will she die or will she survive?


3. New enemy

When I got to the hotel I went to the lady in the counter.
Me:"hi my name is moismarie morera I called a few hours for a room". I say with my gothic voice.
Lady:"oh yeah your room is in the 12th floor room 1888."
Lady:"you are welcome".

I went to the elevator and pressed 12 floor.and went to unpacked my stuff and went around the town and crossed a street and saw a load of girls screaming "harry" and a cute curly haired boy he was running away I just kept on walking.all of a sudden someone was on top of me I saw it was that boy he got up and helped me up.
Harry:"sorry come with me".
Me:"no thank you"
Harry:"you are going to get hurt if you stay".
I groan and nod he takes my hand and drags me in to a bush.
Me:"what the fuck? Why did you have to do that? I hate you I hate my life I hate everything".
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