Emo Girl (1D)

Its about an emo girl that meets harry styles and forces herself to not fall in love with him but she does and toby her demon protector harmed her. Will she die or will she survive?


1. me

My life wasnt perfect not even good I got bullied at school and at home I wasnt treated like a queen no I had to listen to my grandmother and she was nothing near nice. She sended me to the store were one of the girls that bullied me at school lived it was horrible one time I went to the store to buy carrots and when I left the store without noticing the girl was following me till she was screming my name I didnt turn around so she got near me and she asked me If I was deaf.I didnt answer so she slapped my face and asked again"are you deaf?".next thing I knew I was on the floor and the cute boy that was in my classroom which I once felt in love with he is the reason I am what I am right now he was helping me get up.I gave him a small smile and he winked at me I rolled my eyes.then he grabbed my waist and pulled me close to his chest he then whispered in my ear."dont play hard to get I know u want me" he said I groaned and tried to get out of his grip but he holded me closer and kissed my lips when he pulled away he let me go and I fell and I stood up and runned home. my grandmother was at the front door waiting for me I forgot the carrots. She saw my hands and saw I didnt brought any carrots she all of a sudden slapped me so hard I fell to the ground and tears fell uncontrolably.
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