A Booking Coming Alive?

It was just an ordinary day for Amy Robertson, writing books for a living isn't as easy at it seems. Especially when you get "sucked" into the storyline.


1. A slow day

   It started out as an ordinary day, I woke up, ate, then started work. Work for me is just sitting down at my laptop and writing books. Today was, without a doubt, a slow day. I couldn't think of anything to go along with the story line for my new fantasy novel. After a five hours and two cups of coffee, I fell asleep at my desk. I woke up with a throbbing headache, I couldn't  tell where I was. My surroundings were so unreal. I remember falling asleep at my desk and now I'm in a forest dense forest. Where am I? 



*Is it short? I don't know how to go about writing the story...

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