Are you jealous?

I haven't seen my best friend, Louis Tomlinson, in forever. But when I meet him it turns into a game...who can make who jealouser.


1. We meet again

2008 I playfully pushed my best mate, Louis Tomlinson, "Lou, don't lie to me!" the 17 year old ran a hand through his brown hair and smiled at me, "Cami, why would I lie about something like that?" I put my hands on my hips, "Because you're trying to scare me of the flat!" He hugged me and laughed, "That's why I love you, Cam, you know me so well." 2012 It's been years since I've seen Louis. After him and his band mates were on X-factor and began their tours I haven't heard from him once and now he has a girlfriend, Eleanor Chadler. When me and Lou were close I had a major crush on him. Since he became famous everyone was saying how lucky I was to be his best friend. They always ask how my famous hot best friend Louis Tomlinson is and my answer is always "Louis Tomlinson of one direction is NOT my best friend, Louis Tomlinson of Doncaster is my best friend. They're completely different people." Im Camilla Young, I have long black hair, crystal blue almost white eyes, an hourglass figure, I'm from Doncaster, England, and I'm almost 21 years old. Me and Louis shared a birthday. I pulled my cap tighter against my ears and walked to the bookshop. The snow was falling freely and the ground was already lightly dusted with snow. I pushed the cold glass door to the bookstore open and walked Into the heat. "Good afternoon, Cami!" Mrs. Tomlinson, Louis's mum, greeted me as she bought a few books. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Tomlinson!" I smiled warmly. "Did you hear that Louis is coming back for the winter?" I nearly choked on air, "No i didn't know that." "Yes, he's very distraught after him and Eleanor broke up." He...Eleanor...broke...up... Breath Cami breath! "When will he be here?" "Today," Then her phone started ringing she answered it had a quick chat to whoever it was, hung up, and smiled, "He's there right now! Come with me!" I followed her to her car and groaned as we drove to her flat. I was In black skinny jeans, red bobs, a red and white striped shirt and black suspenders, with a white knit cap, and my long black hair was curled. No I didn't copy Louis's look, he copied mine. It was a long silent drive to her flat but when we got there my heart sank. What if the famous life had changed Louis? Well we're about to see. She parked the car, we got out, and went inside. There he was. Standing by the stair's banister in blue skinny jeans, a plain white shirt, and white bobs. His hair was in its new quiff and his blue eyes we're looking directly at me. Filled with memories of our childhood playing over and over again. "Cami." His voice..the soft deep voice that I fell in love with when we were nearly 14 whispered. I closed my eyes letting this moment sink in. "Lou, where's all the food at? Did your mum get us some?" I opened my eyes to see a blonde boy with a quiff like Louis's standing in the door way of the living room, he had beautiful blue eyes, he was wearing gray sweat pants, a white shirt, and white socks. "Did Jay buy us food?" The blonde, Niall Horan, asked. Louis nodded and pointed toward the kitchen. Which Niall quickly disappeared in to. "Where's your sisters?" I asked. "School trip for a few days." He answered. "You've changed." I stated. Lou sighed, "We aren't 19 anymore, some people have to change." "But not as much as you've changed." "I grew up." "You grew into something that isn't my Louis. The one that I grew up with." "Louis, come play Mario cart with me!" A deep raspy voice yelled. Louis looked at me and blinked, "Are you gonna just look at me or are you gonna leave?" I clenched my fists and narrowed my eyes at him, "Louis William Tomlinson, We freaking grew up together and you're just talking to me like I'm dirt?! I know everything about you! I've seen you naked! I fell In love with you! And now you're just, ugh! I'm gone!" I turned around, opened the flat's door, and slammed the door behind me. I started to walk to my flat when I felt a warm hand wrap around my forearm and turn me around. I looked into beautiful green eyes. "What's wrong, love?" Harry Styles asked me. I shook my head and wiped my tears, "Nothing." He smiled warmly, "Then why is a beautiful girl like you standing out here in the cold crying?" I sniffled, "Louis is being a bum!" Harry laughed, "A rather big one too!" we both started laughing. "you fancied him when he lived here didn't you?" Harry stopped laughing and asked. I looked down at my feet and nodded, "I still do." "I have a plan!" "what is it?" "we 'date' you make Lou jealous and I make my ex girlfriend jealous! Win-win situation!" I just started at the brown curly haired and beautiful green eyes boy with my mouth hung open then got some since, "That's a great idea!" "good, so what's your name, love?" "Camilla Young." "You're beautiful, love." I blushed, "Thanks." he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me back to Louis's flat. We walked in and heard, "Lou, why did you treat Cami like that?" It was Jay, Louis's mum. "I don't want to get hurt again." Louis sighed. "What do you mean?" "nothing, mum!" Louis threw the kitchen door open and ran into me and Harry. Harry quickly grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. Lou looked at us then narrowed his eyes, "Are you two a couple?" "Yes."

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