Are you jealous?

I haven't seen my best friend, Louis Tomlinson, in forever. But when I meet him it turns into a game...who can make who jealouser.


3. The premiere

Camilla's POV
A month later
I slipped on the short light blue strapless sweetheart dress that had a little knot in between the breasts with a waterfall looking fabric falling from the knot and the silver high heels.
I looked at my hair and started thinking at about weird hairstyles for my hair. I clipped some of my hair up in a puff and curling the rest then did my make up.
"Cami, are you ready?" Niall yelled from outside my bedroom door. So I'm on tour with the boys still 'dating' Harry and Niall is still the only one that knows lately Louis has had this blonde girl named Heather around. She's all over him. It annoys me. Currently we were in Las Angelus and were going to the Twilight Saga: breaking Dawn Part 2 premier.
I put my drop diamond earrings in and my drop diamond necklace on and walked out of my room.
"Whoa!" Niall's jaw dropped when he saw me. Harry walked into the wall way and smiled at me, "Wow, you look beautiful." Harry was in a black tux with a light blue tie and his hair was the way if usually was, curled.
Niall was in a black tux with a dark blue tie and his hair was in a quiff.
Harry took my hand in his and we made our way to the awaiting limo which contained Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Louis' blonde friend, Heather. We got into the limo and sat down on one side.
Heather had curves, very indented curves she wasn't large she was just curvy, she had long bottle blonde hair, hazel eyes, tan skin, and a nasally voice and laugh.
She was wearing a dark red form fitting dress, dark red high heels, heavy make up, and her blonde hair was curled and in a bun. Louis was in a black tux with a dark red tie, and his quiff.
Liam was in a black tux with a purple tie. And Zayn was in a black tux with a pink tie.
Harry slowly intertwined our fingers as he looked out the window.
"So, baby, I was thinking we could have some fun in your room after the premier." Heather smiles sliding her hand up Louis' thigh. Zayn rolled his eyes, "Or you could just bang the entire population of California. Oh wait you probably already Have."
Heather narrowed her eyes at Zayn, "What is your problem?"
"You! You are my gosh dang problem! You're so annoying and all you try to do is get in Louis' pants!" Zayn yelled.
"Louis, baby, aren't you gonna stand up for me!" Heather whined at Louis. He sighed and looked at Zayn, "Stop."
"stop? Is that all you're gonna say?! I bet if he was saying that to Camilla Harry would stand up for her better!" Heather cried.
"Heather, shut up!" Louis yelled. Heater pouted her big bright red lipstick covered lips.
I held back a snicker. "We're here! Thank the holy Lord!" Liam rejoiced as the choffer opened the door for us. Liam got out first then Zayn, then Heather and Louis, then Niall, then me and Harry. The crowd of girls was screaming for all of them. Harry put his arm around my waist and took pictures with me. "Harry, Who's the girl?" an interviewer asked. Harry looked at me love filling his eyes, "The love of my life, Camilla Young, my amazing girlfriend. Isn't she lovely and beautiful?" Harry gently kissed me.
I think I'm in love with Harry, I thought.
2 hours later
I walked into the cinema's lobby to get popcorn and bumped into someone. "Sorry, Camilla." Louis apologized. I nodded and started walking when Lou grabbed my forearm, "I love you, Cami, I always have, please be mine."
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