Are you jealous?

I haven't seen my best friend, Louis Tomlinson, in forever. But when I meet him it turns into a game...who can make who jealouser.


7. Moving back to old love

2 years later

Cami's POV

I walked into my flat with my 1 year old daughter in my arms. Her name was Jadelyne(Jade for short) Lisa Styles. Me and Harry haven't seen each other in awhile he's been on tour around the world.

I put Jade in her play pin and sat on my sofa, I turned the TV on and sighed. I flipped through the channels and found an interview of One Direction.

I clicked on it and watched. It was Ellen interviewing the boys.

"So, Harry, are you dating the same girl what was her name... Camilla! Are you still dating her?" Ellen asked. All the boys besides Niall looked at him, all Niall did was lean back in his chair and let out a deep breath.

"Ellen, I really don't know how to answer that." Harry played with his fingers. I just shook my head and held the tears back and looked down at my engagement ring Harry gave me almost 2 years ago.

I took it off and put it in the drawer in my end table. I looked at Jade as she played with her ball she got from the fair.

Just then I got a text message. I grabbed my mobile and looked at it.

It was Niall.

Niall: did you watch the interview?

Me: yes.

Niall: Cam, I am so sorry! Harry is stupid!

I looked at Jade as she stared at the TV and said, Dada." as she pointed at Harry on the TV. I took a picture of her and sent it to Niall.

Me: She misses her daddy.

Harry's POV

I walked backstage from the Ellen show and was shoved, "What the bloody heck what that?" Zayn growled in my face.

"What was what?" I snapped as I adjusted my blue jacket. "You're engaged to Camilla! You have a 1 year old daughter!" Liam yelled in my face. I rolled my eyes and saw Niall glaring at me. "What?" I rolled my eyes again. He shoved his phone into my hands and I saw a picture of Jadelyne playing with a blue ball.

I tried not to cry as I saw my baby girl she had black hair with thick curls and my green eyes(which me and Cam 'argued' about because we both thought she had our, I thought she had mine Cami thought she has hers, eyes.)

I closed my eyes.

Louis' POV

I pulled my mobile out and texted Camilla.

Me: Camilla, we need to talk.

Cami: About?

Me: I'm coming to Doncaster tonight. I'm gonna take you and Jade to the fair and beach tomorrow. We'll spend a few days in a hotel. Separate beds of course.

Cami: okay.

I smiled to myself, "I'm going to Doncaster tonight. My mum needs to talk to me."

That night

I walked into my mum' s flat and smelled chocolate chip cookies, "Mum!"

"Louis, is that you?" My mum yelled. I smiled and walked into the kitchen and saw my mum putting cookies on to a plate.

I smiled and sat on the counter, "Mum, I'm going on a date with Camilla tomorrow."

She took a bite of a cookie, "Isn't she dating Harry?"

"She agreed to go on a date with me. We're going to the fair and the beach and are staying in a hotel together with Jade."

My mom gave me a look, "Okay.."

Camilla's POV

I dressed in a yellow and gray striped short sleeve 'Pink' shirt, jean shorts that end about mid thigh and black gladiator sandals, with a silver anchor necklace and silver star earrings and I curled my long black hair.

I put Jade in a hot pink tank top and a zebra and hot pink skirt with black zebra converse than sat her down onto the floor and waited on Louis.

Louis' POV

I walked up onto the porch and knocked on Cami's front door and waited until she answered it.

Camilla answered the door and wow.. She looked stunning. She smiled a smile that I fell in love with when we were just 14, "Come in, Lou."

I walked into the house and saw Jade stumbling as she tried to walk across the flat, "uncle Woo!" She can't say Lou or Louis so she calls me Woo or uncle Woo its rather adorable.

Cami grabbed her bags which I took from her, "I got it, Cam." She went to say something but shook her head and picked Jade up, "Ready to go with Uncle Woo?"

She giggled and clapped, "Yay!" We walked out to my SUV and I put the bags inside the back and helped her put Jade's carseat in the backseat.

Cami got into the passengers seat and buckled up as I got into the car and buckled up. Cami kinda looked uncomfortable.

I slide my hand onto her hand, "Calm down. It's not like we're going to do anything."

She slowly relaxed and held my hand tight, "I know, it's just Harry stresses me out. I mean I love him but I loved you first."

I drove to our hotel 4 hours away.

Those long 4 hours were miserable. I wouldn't let Cami drive because she didn't know what hotel we were staying at. When we got to the hotel I let the valets park my car after the bellhop helped with our bags.

I went to the front desk and got the key to the suite we're staying in and helped Cami and Jade into the elevator.

"Louis, you didn't have to do this. I'm fine. Harry didn't hurt me that bad." Cami looked depressed. She was extremely pale, her usually glowing eyes were dull.

I leaned over and gently kissed her cheek.

Cami's POV

I closed my eyes as Lou kissed my cheek. Just like old times. I looked down and saw Jade looking at herself in the elevator wall.

She looked so much like me. The elevator opened and I picked Jade up and held her close as we walked to the suite with Louis' hand on my lower back guiding me.

We walked into the suite and already saw our bags on the floor by the door. "Wow, it's so beautiful." I gasped as I put Jade down. Louis pulled me into a room with a crib that was Jade's room then to another room adjoined to it with a king sized bed and a chair in the Corner.

I hugged Lou tightly and whispered, "I still love you."

He whispered back, "I love you too. I always have."

Louis kissed me. I haven't been kissed by him since we were young. It was just like before. Sweet, gentle kisses. But no butterflies like Harry's kisses gave me.

Jade tapped my thigh, "momma where daddy?"

I let my arms drop down to pick her up and held her close, "Daddy is busy. He won't be here."

She pouted then started crying, "I miss daddy!"

I held her against my chest, "I know, doll, but he's too busy."

Louis rubbed my back and gave me a sympathetic look, "I'm sorry."

I shrugged and laid my head on his chest just as my mobile went off. I have Jade to Louis and answered it, "Hello?"

"Hey, Cami." It was Harry..

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