Are you jealous?

I haven't seen my best friend, Louis Tomlinson, in forever. But when I meet him it turns into a game...who can make who jealouser.


4. I'm in love with....

I quickly packed all my stuff hoping to get away before Harry or any of the guys wake up. I grabbed my bags and phone and started to walk out of the condo. "where you going?" I turned around and saw Niall eating Pringles. "Um-" Niall cut me off, "Cam, Harry really does love you. He doesn't just say it. He means it. The way he looks at you shows he loves you. And since you're running away that shows you don't love him back."
"Which you do love him. Because when you look at him it's like he's the only one in the room right? Right. You two are in love with each other. Your plane leaves in an hour. Now choose, Harry or the plane?"
I picked my bag back up and left. The plane, that was my choice.
1 year later on Christmas
I looked at my iPhone 5 as Harry called me for the 6th time today and it was only 9 am. I yawned and poured myself some coffee.
"Morning!" Niall smiled from my kitchen table. I waved, "Morning." I put my coffee pot up and looked at him, "NIALL?!"
"hello Cam long Time no see, at least I think the American's say that! Anyway you weren't expecting me here were you?"
"no, I thought you blokes were on tour."
"nope, we're staying at our winter flat an hour away."
"does Harry know where I live?"
"no, Lou told me."
"don't tell Harry."
"why don't you want to see him?"
I closed my eyes, "Im in love with him."
"then come back!
"I can't. I can't face Harry."
Niall laid a hand on my shoulder, "If you truly love him, you'll come back." With that he left.
I took a drink of my coffee.
I do love Harry but I couldn't face him. The hurt that I see in his eyes when started performing after I left. My phone started buzzing it was a Skype call from Niall, "Hello?" But it was Niall's hand that I saw on the back camera, he slightly moved it to where I could see Harry but he couldn't see me.
"I miss Cami, Nialler."
"I know, mate, I'm sure she misses you too."
"I doubt it," Harry wiped his eyes and ran a hand through his curly hair and sighed, "she only loved Louis. She never loved me. I was just a pawn in her game of chess. She was the queen and Louis was the king."
I closed my eyes. Niall squeezed Harry's hand, "I doubt that, mate. I'm going to go grab a sandwich, want one?"
"No." Niall got up and went into the kitchen to where Zayn and Liam. He turned the front camera on and looked at me, "You okay, Cami?"
I wiped my eyes, "Yeah."
"CAMI!" Zayn and Liam yelled squeezing into the frame. "hey, guys how you doing?" I managed a weak smile. "we're doing good, Louis is still with that annoying Heather!" Zayn rolled her eyes.
"where is Louis?" I asked.
Liam groaned, "In his room with Heather." I rolled my eyes.
"who are you guys chatting to?" A deep raspy sad voice strained. Niall quickly ended the call.
I closed my eyes and mumbled, "I love you, Harold Edward Styles."
Harry's POV
I sighed as Niall left my room then looked through my pictures of Cami. She was so beautiful. I had to get her back and make her mine for real this time.
I went to my closet and grabbed the rectangle shaped necklace box and walked into the kitchen. Liam, Zayn, and Niall were surrounding Niall's phone.
"who are you guys chatting to?" I strained to ask. Niall clicked something and put his phone in his pocket. "my mum." Niall shrugged. "do any of you know where Cami lives?"
They shook their head but Niall did it slowly. He knew. "I'll take you to nandos, Niall, if you tell me." I took a step to him. He groaned. "Niall, I love Cami," I stopped "Im in love with Camilla Nicole Young."
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