Are you jealous?

I haven't seen my best friend, Louis Tomlinson, in forever. But when I meet him it turns into a game...who can make who jealouser.


5. Everything became a blur

Camilla's POV
I sat on the couch as my mum passed out gifts, "Happy late Birthday, my beautiful 22 year daughter."
I blushed, "Thanks, mum." She handed me a wrapped box and I opened it.
3 scarfs, 2 nice shirts, and a pair of skinny jeans. "thanks, mum."
She smiled and grabbed another box, "To: Cami From: Nialler"
I smiled as she handed it to me, I opened it, and laughed. It was a tube of Pringles. Cheddar my favorite.
I closed my eyes and heard a knock on the door, "I'll get it." I got up and opened the door and let my jaw drop, "H-Harry?"
Harry Edward Styles stood on my front porch with a small smile, "Hi, Cam."
I just stared at him. His beautiful bright green eyes, his amazing brown curled hair.. He was amazing. And I missed him. But u couldn't let him know that.
"what are you doing here?" I asked leaning on a the door frame. "freezing my bum off now can I come in?" I went to open my mouth when my mum yelled, "Honey, your aunt wants me to come help start Christmas dinner. Are you gonna meet me at my flat or just come to your aunt's?"
I thought about it, "Maybe, auntie's. I don't know if I'm going to go now. I just had something come up."
She walked to the door with a her jumper on and kissed my cheek, "Alright, sweet girl, I'll hopefully see you later and bring your mate with you." She then left like Harry didnt even matter that he was famous. I let Harry In and closed the door, "Who told you? Niall or Louis?"
"he will die."
"don't. I forced him too."
"I don't care. I told him not to. He knows why."
"Cami, I got you something." he placed a rectangle shaped box on my kitchen counter. I grabbed it and opened it.
It was beautiful! It was a silver treble note with diamonds on it and a silver chain.
"Harry.." I was speechless. I didn't even know what to say.
He cupped my chin in his hand, "Cami, I love you. I'm in love with you."
I closed my eyes, "Im in love with you too." He softly kissed me.
His mint smelling breath drove me insane. His soft lips pulled me into a spell. I led him to my bedroom and kissed him harder.
3 months later
I rubbed my pregnant stomach and smiled as my boyfriend, Harry, kissed my cheek, "Hello, beautiful!" I giggled slightly and handed him his coffee, "Good morning, babe!"
"I have to go to the winter flat to practice some stuff I'll be back by dinner."
"Okay, i have a doctors appointment today."
"okay, love, do you want me to go with you?"
"No I'm okay!" He kissed me and left. I went upstairs got dressed in some sweats and a jumper and went to the doctors.
I laid back on the table and raised my shirt up to my bra. The nurse put some cold gel that made me shiver on my tummy and used the little heart monitor thing to move the gel around.
"okay, Miss Young," The nurse turned the sound on. Nothing. No sound. No heart beat. "hmmm," The nurse left and came back with the doctor. He did the same thing, "Miss Young, you've been pregnant for how many weeks now?"
I had to think, "Umm about 15 weeks."
"Miss Young, you've lost the baby."
Harry's POV
"So have you guys thought of any names?" Niall asked.
I smiled, "James Jawaad Edward William Styles if its a boy, Brandy Tanella Styles if its a girl."
Zayn smiled, "Cute." Liam looked at the coffee table at my phone, "Harry, Cam is calling you." I grabbed my phone and answered, "Hello gorgeous-"
"HARRY, WE LOST THE BABY!" Cami screamed/cried. I dropped my phone and everything became a blur.
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