Gorgeous Nightmare (Jack Frost Love Story)

Lexxi Quinn is just your average teenager. She never thought she was anything special. That is, until she meets Jack Frost. The only abnormal thing: How does a 14-year-old believe in Jack Frost? This is the love story of Lexxi and Jack.


9. 8~ As War Fades

AN: Yes, the title is a BVB reference. it's been too long since i updated. I'll be updating this story regularly again haha. once again I'd like to thank my best friend November for helping me outline the rest of the story. 



For the rest of the day I'm stuck in the room, either listening to music or catching up on The Walking Dead. As I watch the characters stab and bash the zombies, Jack stares at me weirdly. 
"You find that amusing?" I look up at him.
"Yep. Are you scared of the walkers?" I ask sarcastically. Jack chuckles and lays back, arms behind his head. After the episode ends, I turn my phone off and lay down next to the sleeping boy, resting my head on his arm for the icy feeling. Soon I fall asleep once again. 


Jack wakes up to the feeling of the bed rattling. Opening his eyes, he sees Lexxi thrashing around in her sleep, with black sand above her head. Jack immediately runs out of the room. 
"Sandy!" he yells through the halls. Suddenly the sandman pops up in front of him.
"Sandy, it's Lexxi - she's having a nightmare! Can you give her a good dream?" Sandy nods and smiles and the two Guardians go back to the bedroom. Lexxi is still shaking her head in her sleep and the black cloud seems to have intensified in size. Sandy's eyes widen to the size of saucers. Suddenly Lexxi gasps and throws her head back, arching her back off the bed before falling still once more. Jack winces as tears slide down her expressionless face. Sandy grabs Lexxi's hand, tracing patterns onto her palm. About ten seconds later, the jet black sand is overcome with glittering gold and her tense body relaxes. And then, as suddenly as it happened, it's gone. Black sand eats away at the gold until it dissipates. Jack runs forward, his hands grabbing onto Lexxi's shoulders as he shakes her, yelling "wake up!"
Lexxi's eyes shoot open and lock on Jack. She gasps and pulls herself away, jumping out of the bed and backing into the wall. 
"Lexxi? What's wrong?" Jack asks. Sandy leaves to go get the others. 
"D-don't hurt me again," she whispers, sinking to the floor against the wall. 
"What?" asks Jack, confused. "Wh - oh. Lexxi… i-it was just a nightmare. I'd never hurt you…" He walks toward her and she curls into the fetal position, flinching from his touch. Jack sighs and sits next to her, wrapping his arms around her shivering form. 
"Damn you, Pitch," Jack growls into the shadows.

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