Gorgeous Nightmare (Jack Frost Love Story)

Lexxi Quinn is just your average teenager. She never thought she was anything special. That is, until she meets Jack Frost. The only abnormal thing: How does a 14-year-old believe in Jack Frost? This is the love story of Lexxi and Jack.


7. 6~ Dying On The Inside

All I see around me is darkness. I've lost my sense of either hearing or speaking, I can't tell which. All I know is that I'm going to die. I know I'm screaming something, or at least trying to. My entire body feels as if it's on fire. What's happening?
-Jack's POV-
Lexxi falls to the ground, unconscious.
"Lexxi!" I yell and drop next to her. I shoot a blast of ice at Pitch, then pick Lexxi up and run to somewhere that's safe. We end up in a small bedroom. I lock the door and freeze it shut before putting Lexxi down on the bed. She's having a nightmare. I can tell because she's convulsing on the bed. I start to shake her awake.
"Lexxi!" Soon her eyes slowly flutter open.
-Lexxi's POV-
I see a blinding white light. I'm dying. Slowly, I inch towards the light. Suddenly my eyes open and Jack's face appears in front of me. Before I can even sit up, Jack has me locked in a tight embrace. I can hardly move my arms so I rest my head on his shoulder awkwardly. After a few seconds, it falls back onto the pillow; the nightmare has drained all my energy. Jack notices this and carefully sets me back onto the bed. I notice that the door is frozen over. Then I remember the war and realize that Jack froze the door to keep anyone else out. Jack puts his hand on my forehead and my body stops shaking, my skin cooling. I try to sit up but that only brings a pounding headache so I lay back on the bed slowly.
"Stay on the bed, you have a fever. Pitch hit you with Soul Tranquilizer Sand, it makes you sick for a few days." A few minutes later, Jack and I hear cheering. Jack smiles and turns to me.
"We won." I let out a sigh of relief and try to relax as Jack unfreezes the door. North walks in laughing and talking about how he killed the nightmares and who and what he fought. That night, Jack has to sleep next to me so I don't get a fever again; his frigid skin keeps the sickness from settling in. I fall asleep listening to "My Way Home Is Through You" by My Chemical Romance.
AN: Thanks for helping me outline the rest of the story, Nova! cx
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