Gorgeous Nightmare (Jack Frost Love Story)

Lexxi Quinn is just your average teenager. She never thought she was anything special. That is, until she meets Jack Frost. The only abnormal thing: How does a 14-year-old believe in Jack Frost? This is the love story of Lexxi and Jack.


6. 5~ War

Jack and I land in some kind of workshop.
"North!" Jack calls, but there's no answer. Suddenly an alarm starts blaring. Jack's eyes widen and he grabs my wrist, leading me into a room. He puts a finger over his lips, signalling to be quiet. I nod and Jack quietly shuts the door.
"Stay in here while I see what's wrong. Don't leave," he whispers.
"Be careful," I say and Jack smirks at me before leaving. Five minutes pass and then I hear the sounds of fighting. I bite my lip and turn away from the door. Jack told me not to leave so I should listen to him, right? Ten seconds later I'm up and running outside to help. I see a bunch of black sand making shapes and attacking. I remember what Jack said about me having telekinesis so I hide behind a pillar and try to figure out how to use it. When that turns out to be an epic fail, I stand up and look around the pole, seeing Jack getting attacked. I focus on moving the things away from him and suddenly, an invisible wall pushes them back. Jack looks up, confused, and then his eyes land on me. I run over and help him up.
"Lexxi, I told you to s-"
"I know, but I couldn't help it." Then a really fucking creepy voice starts talking.
"How sentimental. Young love." Jack grips his staff and his eyes search around the room.
"Where are you, Pitch?" he mumbles. A tall guy with glowing yellow eyes and a really pale face appears behind Jack. Before the guy (who I'm guessing is the Pitch Black guy) can do anything, I throw an unprepared punch at him. He moves back slightly so my fist misses him. Jack whips around and shoots ice at him, but gets thrown back. I throw another punch but before it hits Pitch, he throws black powdery stuff on me. I feel my fist connect with his jaw before passing out.
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