Gorgeous Nightmare (Jack Frost Love Story)

Lexxi Quinn is just your average teenager. She never thought she was anything special. That is, until she meets Jack Frost. The only abnormal thing: How does a 14-year-old believe in Jack Frost? This is the love story of Lexxi and Jack.


5. 4~ I've Got Another Confession To Make. So Complicated, Let Me Try To Explain.

-Jack's POV-
I appear in the North Pole.
"North!" I yell and North appears.
"Oh hello Jack, what do you need?" I proceed to tell him about Pitch.
"Wait… is her name Lexxi Quinn?" North asks. I nod.
"Well, she has unknown powers… Lexxi is said to be telekinetic and have power over the elements."
I don't tell North about my growing feelings for Lexxi. I wonder if she likes me too. It's complicated, what I feel for her. I love her and want to protect her and be with her, but at the same time I can't be with her or Pitch may go after her. I sigh and run a hand through my hair as North calls the rest of the Guardians. Soon they're all there.
"Jack." North's voice snaps me out of my trance.
"I said that you had to go pick up Lexxi. You will be training her to fight." I nod at North and grab the blue crystal, disappearing. I appear as Lexxi is playing her piano but not singing. She has a songbook open in front of her with the title "Evanescence: 'Eternal'" and she is playing a faster but dark-sounding melody. I like it. After she finishes, I clap and smirk. Lexxi jumps and turns, sighing in relief since it's only me. She's dressed in black shorts and a long sleeve shirt bearing the name "Sleeping With Sirens". As she stands, I see the black shoes she calls "high top converse". I pull her into a hug and she hugs me back.
"The Guardians need your help," I say.
-Lexxi's POV-
The Guardians? Need MY help? Wow. I grab my phone and tuck it in the waistline of my shorts and Jack grabs my arm. Immediately we appear outside, then skyrocket upward.
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