Gorgeous Nightmare (Jack Frost Love Story)

Lexxi Quinn is just your average teenager. She never thought she was anything special. That is, until she meets Jack Frost. The only abnormal thing: How does a 14-year-old believe in Jack Frost? This is the love story of Lexxi and Jack.


4. 3~ Nightmares and Necklaces

-Jack's POV-
I wake up for an unknown reason, still in Lexxi's bedroom. Then I notice her flinching in her sleep and mouthing words. I look up at the dream sand floating above her, not expecting to see Nightmare Dust. Pitch Black. I grab my staff and stand, Pitch's laugh echoing around me.
"Show yourself!" I yell and Pitch appears in front of me. "What do you want?" I growl at him.
Pitch laughs. "Tell your Guardians that this time they will lose. My army is ready and stronger than ever. Is yours?" Pitch disappears. I sigh and run a hand through my hair. Then I start to shake Lexxi awake.
"Leave him alone," she mumbles in her sleep.
"Lexxi!" Lexxi jolts awake, tears falling from her eyes and she wraps me in a tight hug.
"Oh, my God, you're okay," she sobs into my shoulder. I wrap my arms around her in a tight hug. I decide not to ask her what her nightmare was about.
-Lexxi's POV-
"I know what'll make you feel better," Jack says and I pull away. He pulls something out of his jacket pocket.
"What's that?" I ask. Jack opens his hand and in it is a necklace. It has a silver chain with a snowflake made out of what looks like ice and there's a blue crystal in the middle.
"It's made of Ever-Freezing Ice, it never melts. If you need me and I'm not here, just touch the ice and say 'I believe'. It'll alert me that you need me." He pulls out an almost identical one except instead of a snowflake, it's just a shard of blue crystal.
I hug Jack. "Thanks," I say. He laughs and hugs me back.
"Oh, and one more thing. I need to put a tracker on you so I know where you are." Jack takes my hand and turns it palm up, closing his eyes and whispering words. When I look down, there's a light blue snowflake taking up my entire wrist. It fades after a second and I couldn't even tell that it had been there before.
"When do you have to leave?"
Jack looks down. "Right now. An old enemy has risen again and I have to alert the Guardians." I nodded, remembering how he told me about them.
"Bye, Jack," I say, hugging him. Jack hugs me tightly.
"Bye, Lexxi." And he's gone.
"Bye Jack. I'll always believe," I whisper before falling asleep once more.
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