Teardrops On My Guitar

When Belle moved to England there were a lots of things she didn't expect to happen;
1. Be abused by a bastard dad.
2. Become a hobo.
3. Be welcomed into a strangers house.
4. Meet One Direction.

As life moves on will Belle remember her past, or will they be washed away in her tears?


2. Harry? Harry Styles? Harold Edward Styles?!

The first thing Harry saw when he walked in was a girl. Sleeping. On his couch. Her black curl hair had fallen into her face so he couldn't see her face, "Mum, why is there a girl sle-" he was cut off as four boys ran into the house, "Hello Anne, I mean, Mum!" Screamed Louis.
"Shut up, Louis!" Harry pouted.
"Because there is a girl sleeping!" He muttered.
"Carrot?" He asked Harry.
The girl shifted and whispered something in her sleep, "Mhmmm, I do love Nandos." She murmured. Niall put on a giggly grin, he let out a high pitched airily laugh. The girl shot up from the couch, "Huh! Wait, Nandos!" She said. Pushing her hair from her face she saw five gorgeous boys, one grinning with dimples and curly locks, she gave him a weird look then realized what she just said, she blushed slightly. "I don't know who you are but I'm tired." She said standing up and walking into Harry's room and passing out on the bed. Harry walked into the kitchen, "Mum, why is there a girl sleeping in my bed?" He asked hugging her and missing her cheek.
"I found her in a road." Said Anne.
"A road?"
"Yes, Harold, a road!" She said
"And you brought a hobo home..?"
"I highly doubt she's a hobo, but yes I did." Anne replied.
Harry ran a hand through his curly hair. "Okie-Dokie." He said leaving the bathroom.

Belle woke up again and walked to where she heard a conversation. As she walked to the kitchen to thank Anne she ran straight into Harry, "Oh!" She said falling back. He slipped a hand around her and stopped her from falling, "Hello, love. I'm Harry Styles." He said. Dimples showing and gorgeous eyes shinning.
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