Teardrops On My Guitar

When Belle moved to England there were a lots of things she didn't expect to happen;
1. Be abused by a bastard dad.
2. Become a hobo.
3. Be welcomed into a strangers house.
4. Meet One Direction.

As life moves on will Belle remember her past, or will they be washed away in her tears?


1. You are sooo GROUNDED!!

Belle was sitting on her bed criss-cross, her head on the window-sill watching the raindrops fall down the window. Her parents were arguing again. She was only nine and they've been arguing her whole life. She heard a bottle crash and a breathless scream. A trickle of blood fell through the ceiling and onto her forehead. She didn't realize what it was. Belle headed upstairs and knocked on the door. She opened it a crack and saw a horrifying scene;
Her mother, lying on the bed, blood trickling from her stomach. Her father was slumped over a chair holding a beer bottle, a phone in his hand, Belle managed to hear the words, "Wife... Blood..." And lastly, "Dead." The word hung in the air before her father hung up and glared at the daughter, "You did this, bitch!" He yelled. That was all she remembered before she blacked out. She stayed in a hospital until her mothers funeral. She wore a black-and-white dress with white tights and black shoes. Her curly black hair had a silver headband with a sparkly flower holding it back.

*Fast-Foreward 9 years*

It's February 1st and Belle's birthday. As usual she was stuck at home doing homework. Her father, Damien, was singing a drunk tune as he waddled in the door. "Baby, let me love you down, there's so many ways to-" he stopped as he saw Belle, "What are you looking at, Beast?" He snapped. He called her this because her name was Belle. Like Beauty and the Beast. She was the beast...
"Have fun?" She asked.
"Was that a smart-ass remark!?" Damien growled.
"Maybe if you were smart you'd know!" Belle said. He lunged at her throat. He held her there with his big hands, "Little Beast, if you don't watch your mouth, I will cut you. Now apologize!" He shouted.
"No!" Belle said.
He clamped his hand tighter and threw her to the side, "Ungrateful little bitch." He muttered.
Blue clutched her throat and grabbed an empty beer bottle, "Damien! I have an apology!" She called innocently.
"Huh?" He turned around.
Belle threw the bottle at his face and it shattered, "That was for me and mom you ass-wipe!" She muttered. She stormed out the door. She heard his angry yells behind her but she ran. It began to rain and she slipped on the road. She fell and hit her head, she woke up later and saw headlights coming on. She tried to move but couldn't. The brakes screeched and a woman jumped out, "Are you alright, sweetie?"
Belle managed a moan.
"Get in the car."
Belle and the woman soon arrived and she was shivering.
"Why are you outside? In the road?"
"Ouch!" Is all she managed.
"My daughter isn't here you can go to her room. My son will be here tomorrow, he is named Harry."
Belle thought she heard the word Styles before she fell asleep on the couch.
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