Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college. There she reunites with her cousin Louis Tomlinson. She also meets four other amazing guys who turn her life around. They teach her how to trust and love. But what happens when she falls for all of them? Will her past and present affect her future?

This is my first fanfiction so I hope you'll read it...and give me feedback...nicely. Well hope you enjoy(: xx


26. Chapter Twenty-Six

Libby's POV
I couldn't believe who I saw standing in the threshold of Harry's house. It was my uncle. Panic surged through me. How did he find me? I never even told him I was friends with Harry! Oh no. I was really gonna get it this time. I ran away from him, I just couldn't take it though. I was really hurt. "Liv, are you okay?" Liam asked in my ear. I jumped off of Liam, if my uncle saw us...let's just hope he didn't. "Yep, peachy," I said forcing a smile. "Olivia, let's go!" yelled my uncle. I slowly got up and waved at the guys. They all looked so worried, I smiled at them, they needed it. So did I.
When we got to my uncle's car he slapped me. "Get in you worthless slut," he said calmy. Tears streaming down my face, I did so. I was so afraid, I didn't want the boys to worry about me. I knew that they were though. I just hoped that none of them came to check on me, I would be in no shape to see them after my uncle was through with me. "So what are you doing hanging around all those teenage boys?" asked my uncle venemously. "They're just my friends," I said softly. "You know they only want to sleep with you Olivia," Said my uncle matter of factly. Anger bubbled inside me, that was far from the truth. "NO! They actually care about me! Unlike you!" I yelled, and immediately regretted it as I felt another hard slap in the face. "Don't you dare talk to me like that!" Uncle Ray roared. "I don't need your disrespect you little bitch!" He said angrily elbowing me in the side. It hurt so bad. I started to cry harder, and decided that it was better if I stayed quiet.
When he pulled up to the house, he pulled me out of the car and dragged me up to the house. He forced me onto the couch and started to yank my clothes off. This time, I didn't try to block it out. I deserved it, I deserved every little bad thing that happened to me. I was nothing, I never would be anything. Why am I even here anymore? I should be dead with my parents. Actually, I take that back. I should've never been born. I only cause people trouble, I only hurt them. Why can't I just die? Finally, it's over.
Now the beating starts. I deserve this too. "You are so stupid!" "No one wants you!" "People only look at you as a piece of meat!" "You are such a slut!" The usual, but one really hurt. "Those boys only want to sleep with you, they don't really care about you!" He yelled, while slapping me, kicking me, and punching me. I never believed it before, I didn't want too, but the way he said it. I did now. They never really did care. The way they look at me, they just want me to sleep with them.....LIBBY! 'Don't let him win. You know it's not true. You know they'd go to the end of the Earth for you,' I heard my mum's voice saying to me. I know it wasn't her, but that's what she'd say. It makes me stronger. I knew it was true, by believing that, I was letting him win. Something I swore I'd never do. I was even breaking promises with myself now.
When he finally finished beating me senseless, I coulnd't even get up. My head pounded, my legs were numb, and my arms screamed with pain. I tried to get up, but stumbled a few feet and fell. I can't.....I can't....was all I thought before I blacked out. I'm not sure how long I was out, but I awoke to the sound of a knock at the door. I got up to get the door, but quickly fell. Hopefully, they'd go away. "Liv?" The person at the door screamed. Hey I knew that voice! It was....who was it? It was.....LIAM! My boyfriend! Now I had to get up! I slowly got up, I wanted to fall down again, but I pushed on for the door. I had to, for Liam. I slowly opened the door, and leaned against the wall. "Liv!" Liam exclaimed with a breath of relief, then he saw my face. I could only imagine how I looked after this one. "My God...what happened? Who did this too you?!" Liam questioned me angrily. I had to think of something, my thoughts were fuzzy though. "I fell down the stairs," I said. It was the best I could think of at the present moment. "Liv, that's not what happened. You're bleeding, oh my God. Let me in, let me help you!" Liam exclaimed almost forcing his way in. I heard footsteps behind me...oh no! My uncle. "Liam, please just leave," I said shutting the door. I couldn't take even another flick. Not just mentally, but physically too. He stopped the door with his hand, "Not until you tell me what's going on!" He yelled at me. Not angrily, worse, desperately. I wanted to tell him, but I didn't have the time. "I'll call you, okay? Bye Liam," I said shutting the door in his face, before he could say anything. "Liv! Please! Just let me take you to the doctors!" He yelled through the door, the desperation still in his voice. "Please?" he begged me softly. A new pain hit me, it was worse than anything he could ever do to me. It was desire and denial. I desired to go with Liam so bad, but I was denied for the obvious reasons. I fell to the ground again, this time in worse pain.

Liam's POV
Why wouldn't she let me get her? Take her with me? She was obviously hurt, really badly. I couldn't take this! I could feel all the pain that she was in! It hurt so bad. I sat at her doorstep, I was almost in tears. I just wanted to help her so bad, but I knew that I couldn't. I decided that she promised to call, I knew she would. That is, when she could walk properly and get to her phone. The thought stung. I walked back to my car and decided the best person to call right now would be Lou. He knows her best. After a few rings Lou answered, "Hello?" He sounded troubled about something. "I went to go check on Liv, and, and she was beat up. R-really bad," I started to stumble over my words. The thought hurt so bad. "You went to check on her?!" Lou questioned me angrily. "Well, yeah. She looked so scared to leave. I just wanted to make sure she was alright," I said confused. "Oh no, Liam you shouldn't have done that. She's going to be in so much trouble," Louis was choking up. I pulled over and put my head in my hands. "Louis are you being serious? Did I really get her in trouble?" I asked. "You probably did," Louis said honestly. I started to tear up, "Lou, I gotta go." Throw myself off of a bridge. What have I done? "Just don't do anything stupid mate," Lou said hanging up. He was right, I just needed to go home. I needed to think things through, I needed to calm down.
I drove to my house and went inside. I immediately walked up to my room. I was happy that my mum and Henry weren't here to see me like this. My mum was a therapist so she'd interrogate me, in a way that'd make me tell her. Little Henry would just keep trying to make me laugh, in the most annoying way. I love him, but he got very annoying when trying to cheer me up. I laid down on my bed and started to really think about it, Liv always had bruises. She always had excuses for them. She was always depressed looking after leaving her house. When I finally put two and two together. It made sense, she was getting abused. She had been getting in trouble for seeing us. Oh my God, it was all of our fault's that she was getting in trouble. That's why Liv didn't want to us, she didn't want us to feel bad. She hated pity, and she cared more about everyone else's feelings before hers. The realization hit me hard in the face. I can't believe this. I can't believe what I put her through. I start to feel my phone vibrate. I check the caller ID and hope it's Liv.
Unfortunately, it's only my mum. Time to put on my happy face, and smile through the pain. "Hey Mum!" I exclaimed picking up the phone. "Hi Li, how are you?" She asked kind of stiffly. I guess she was just tired. Hen could be a handful sometimes. "Pretty good, you?" I lied smoothly. I was far from it, but my mum didn't need this right now. "Oh well, I'm okay," She responded, she still sounded off. "Mum, what's wrong? Are you okay?" I asked. I forgot about what was going on with me for a moment, and got worried. "Well, that's why I called. It' not me...." She trailed of. I could tell she was going to cry. "Mum, please don't cry. What's going on?" I asked panicked. I was really worried about her and Little Henry. "It's....It's Henry." She then started to burst out in tears.


-Author's Note- Sorry kind of short. But definately needed! Sorry if I don't write much,  I got some things going on with my friends....well used to be friend. But I will try! Thanks again for all the reads..they make my life!<3 I love all you amazing people(:

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