Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college. There she reunites with her cousin Louis Tomlinson. She also meets four other amazing guys who turn her life around. They teach her how to trust and love. But what happens when she falls for all of them? Will her past and present affect her future?

This is my first fanfiction so I hope you'll read it...and give me feedback...nicely. Well hope you enjoy(: xx


25. Chapter Twenty-Five

Liam's POV
I walk into Harry's room, I see that he is not in his actual bedroom. So, I go into the connected bathroom. What I see kills me. I see that he has his razor pressed to wrist. He was going to cut himself! "Harry, no. No, tha's not going to make this go away!" I screamed running to him. He only looked up once to see who it was. Then, he concentrated back on his wrist. He still was going to do it! "Harry! I'm sorry that Liv isn't in love with you, but this isn't going to make her autmatically fall for you!" I yell again, I realized that desperate tears had started to fall. This was my fault. If I wouldn't have hurt Libby and let her be with Harry, we woulnd't be in this kind of situation. "Liam, this will make me feel better, just let me," Harry muttered. I could feel the pain that was in his voice. It hit me, right in the gut, I knew that this was all my fault. "Harry, please. You can't, I know I hurt Liv and I hurt you, but please don't hurt yourself more. It would hurt us all, don't just think of getting back at me, think of everyone else downstairs," I reasoned with him. I knew getting back at me had to be part of this. "Liam, you don't understand, this wouldn't hurt me, it would make me feel better!" Yelled Harry desperately, pleading with me to just let him. "Harry, it's not just going to hurt you, it's going to hurt us all, even me.." I trailed off, slowly approaching him to take the razor away. "Really?! Because it didn't sound like that about five minutes ago when you were all messing around! You didn't care how I felt!" Yelled Harry slicing the razor across his wrist. I had finally pushed him too far...
"Harry! We were giving you time!" I yelled, just snatching the razor away, "We wanted you to feel better," I added softly. Harry started to cry, he was bleeding. I grabbed the nearest towel and added compression to the cut. The cut that I indirectly made. I just rubbed his back, I knew that he already regretted doing it. "I didn't want to, I just thought that it would make me feel better. It didn't. At all," Harry said between sobs. I couldn't find the words to say, so I just continued to add compression to the wound and let him let it all out. "Liam," he said trying to slow his tears. I just looked at him, again I was lost for words. "Just be good to her, just, just don't hurt her," Harry said softly. He wouldn't look me in the eye. I just nodded, I was starting to choke up. "Promise?" he asked. I just nodded, I couldn't speak. "Say it! Please for me, I need to hear it," Harry pleaded desperately. "I wouldn't dream of it, Haz," I said softly looking at him. Haz just sat there crying some more. On the bright side though, he stopped bleeding. "Why don't we just go downstairs?" I suggested. "Please, don't tell anyone. I won't ever do it again, I was just stressed," Harry said looking at me. I knew that he needed me to keep this secret, I also knew that it wasn't like Harry to hurt himself. So, I found myself promising not to.

Harry's POV
It's funny how someone you hated about ten minutes ago, could be your savior a few moments later. I knew Liam, he probably thought what I did was his fault. It wasn't, it was Libby's. If she wasn't so easy to love. I'd never be in this situation....What am I saying? No one made me do this, I did it myself. Someone even tried to stop me. Someone who a half an hour ago, I completely flipped out on. There was no way if I was in his situation that I would have stopped him. Actually, I would have never even came up to check on him. "Why don't we just go downsatirs?" Liam suggested in a soft voice. "Please don't tell anyone. I won't do it ever again, I was just stressed," I said looking at him. It was true I never would do this again. I really was just stressed and upset. I was being rash. "I promise," he whispered and started to get up. I followed suit and got up.
We walked down the stairs and my eyes drifted to Libby. She just glared at me, I looked down. Her glare hurt me. "I think you and Libby need to talk," Liam whispered in my ear. I thought we did too, but I just wouldn't know what to say. So I shook my head no and continued looking down. "Yes, you do. I know you probably don't know what to say now, but once you're standing there with her you'll know," he whispered again, but fiercly. Like he needed me to talk to her. I simply just walked away, and over to Libby in response. "We need to talk."

Libby's POV
"We need to talk," Harry said. Obviously, we did. I just wasn't sure I was ready too. "Seriously, Liv, you guys do," Liam said softly in my ear. Reluctantly, I got up. "Let's take a walk," he said, waiting for me to follow him to the door. Again, reluctantly I did so. Once we were outside, he started, "Libby, I know that I've been a real jerk in the passed couple of days. I'm sorry you've had to see me like that. That's not who I am, that's not who I want to be. I just want me and you to be okay, even if it is just as friends," He finished with a sigh. I was starting to get angry it sounded so scripted and planned out. It disgusted me, "Then what do you want to be? A liar? You knew about me and Liam when I came to talking to you. You still let me kiss you! I know that I leaned in and all, but you knew what you were doing!" I yelled angrily. I knew I shouldn't be angry but I was! I could be mad for stupid reason. Harry did it all the time. "I know, I know. I really shouldn't have-wait how did you know about that?" Harry asked confused. "The boys told me. They don't keep things from me!" I spat at him. Harry put his head in his hands and sighed. "You know I'm trying to make things better between us and you're just being a total bitvh about it!" yelled Harry. I started to cry, did he really think I was a bitch? I guess I was. I mean, I wasn't letting him talk. "I-I'm sorry," I whispered between sobs. I tried not to cry, he was speaking his mind, but I was so sensitive lately. Harry looked up when he realized I was crying, he walked over and hugged me.
"Libby, I didn't mean it like that, I'm just frustrated," He whispered. "No, it's true. I won't let you make things better between us," I responded. The tears weren't slowing. "No, stop it. You aren't, I am. Just calm down, and we'll take turns talking," Harry said stroking my hair. As instructed, I took a couple deep breaths and sat down. After a few minutes, I decided that I was okay. "Okay, you can finish what you were saying," I said. He looked at me, "Are you sure you're calmed down?" Harry asked. I just nodded, I just wanted to get this over with. "Well, I just want us to be as good of friends as we were before this whole mess. I know that you really do love Liam, and I promised that none of us would be mad at who you choose. It was your choice, and we were happy with whatever choice you make. If you're happy, so are we," Harry said gazing into my eyes. "I'm just upset that you knew that me and Liam were together and you still kissed me. I know it was both of our faults, but it still upset me. I hate how I make you and Liam always fight too," I said looking down. I didn't plan on saying the last part, but it somehow escaped my lips. "Libby, you don't make us fight. We choose to fight," Harry said. I knew he only said it to make me feel better though. I still appreciated it anyways.
"Why don't we just start over?" asked Harry. That sounded good to me, so Ijust laugh and nod. "I'm Harry Styles, pleasure to meet you," He said smiling a big, cheeky grin. I was confused, then I went along, "My names Olivia, but you can call me Libby." I smiled at him. We were just going to forget the past and move on. "Nice to meet you, fancy going back to my place to watch some movies?" He asked winking at me playfully. Oh, my Hazza was back. I nod and laugh as we start to walk back to the house. When we get there, they're all messing around like the immature boys that they are. I laugh at them, they were so ridiculous. "LIBBY!" yelled Lou running up to me to hug me.Then came Zayn, then Niall, then Liam, and Harry finally joined in on the hug. We all laughed. "Hey! I know! Let's have a movie night!" Harry said, seeming to be back to himself again. Although, his eyes lacked the sparkle they usually had. So, he was getting back to himself. We just looked at him, we were all smiling like idiots. We were happy to see his cheeky grin again. "Let's watch some movies!" Harry yelled. "Let's watch all the Toy Stories!" Liam yelled. We all just laughed at him and agreed. When everyone was settled and the popcorn was made, we started the first Toy Story. Things may, for once actually work out.

Niall's POV
I sit on the couch eating popcorn, and I can't help but think back to that night in Liam's kitchen. That was the night I really and truly learned that Libby was beautiful inside and out. She was making popcorn with me and she called popcorn beautiful, only a beautifuln girl would say that. I laughed a bit at the memory. I laughed at the look on her face, she looked so embarrassed. She thought that I was going to think she was crazy. I didn't though, I told her it made sense though. She blushed so adorably, I smiled at the memory. It was so bittersweet, I know that it was a nice memory we would always share, but I also knew that we could never be together the way I wanted to that night. I would never forget it.

Zayn's POV
I sweetly think back to the last time we all watched a movie. Back then, I knew I had feelings for her. I had hope that we could be together. It was a nice feeling knowing that you may have a chance. Even though, we didn't reallly talk or do anything memorable that night, it was nice that I finally got to know her. I then think of my feelings for her, they were so sweet. Now, I had to let go of them, it was for the best. The realizatiion, hurt so good. I could finally be free.

Harry's POV
I looked at Libby, and then the movie. I automatically remembered back to the night we all watched a movie together for the first time. I think of how I played with her soft, auburn hair, and looked into her green eyes. I remembered how the light from the telly refelcted just right, and made her look even more beautiful. I sighed and smiled to myself. It was so nice, then I remembered that I'm not supposed to remember those things like that. I'm supposed to just be her friend. Why couldn't I just let go?

Liam's POV
Liv was snuggled up against me, I didn't want to be anywhere else. I just wanted to be here with her and the lads. I sit there and remember back to the first time we all watched a movie. The Shining, it was Libby's suggestion. I remember her squeezing my arm because she was scared. It was so adorable, then I remember her running out. I remember wanting nothing more than for her to let me hold her and make it okay. I remember our walk and holding her. I wanted to stay like that forever. I remember back at the house, her drawing me and making me feel ten times better. I remember thinking that I couldn't love her anymore than I already did then, I found out that it was possible. I love her so much more than I did that night, and I know that Liv is what they call 'The One'. I don't think I'll ever let her go.

Libby's POV
I love Toy Story so much. I was reciting every single line in my head. What was even better though, was being in Liam's arms. I felt so safe, something that I haven't felt in years. It was one of the greatest feelings in the world, I started to drift off. Eventually, I did fall asleep. It was a nice sleep. It was dreamless and calm, another thing that hasn't happened in a while. I woke up from the sound of a pound at the door. Whoever was knocking was reallllllly angry. 'Maybe it was that waitress from Nando's,' I thought and laughed to myself. I was still half asleep, but I sat up and smiled at Harry, who had to go answer to the angry person. Harry opened the door, even from the side he looked confused. I looked over at Louis who could see who was at the door. He looked angry and also frightened. Harry turned to me, "Libby, it's for you."

-Author's Note- Sorry for the short chapter. It just wasn't really coming to me today, but I hope you like the chapter. Thanks for reading(: 55 hearts?! You people just make my day, I love you guys(: xx


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