Olivia Kirk watched her parents get brutally murdered and is forced to move in with her abusive uncle. He abuses her in many terrible ways. Somehow though she holds it all together and starts art college. There she reunites with her cousin Louis Tomlinson. She also meets four other amazing guys who turn her life around. They teach her how to trust and love. But what happens when she falls for all of them? Will her past and present affect her future?

This is my first fanfiction so I hope you'll read it...and give me feedback...nicely. Well hope you enjoy(: xx


20. Chapter Twenty

It was such a good day. We had such a good time, it was like nothing had ever really happened. I felt so happy as I sat in the car with Louis singing along to the radio. I liked Lou's choice of music, it was exactly like mine. He even fiddled with the radio until the perfect song came on. Just like I do with mine. It was funny how similar we were actually were. I really missed this, me and Lou hanging out. He's my favorite cousin! I kept replaying the day in my head. It went perfect. I know that they're giving me the option, but I'm not quite sure that I can choose one of them. I fancy them all so much.
I realized something else too. Niall and Zayn had decided to stay in the friend zone with me, which I was completely okay with. I could tell by the way that they said goodbye. They wanted to be my friend, I was happy that at least narrowed it down for me. That still meant that Liam and Harry still wanted a could I choose between my Hazaa and my LiLi? I don't know if I can. With things like these, I realized that only time will tell..I was so lost in thoughts of the day that I didn't notice we arrived at the house. I was immediately taken over by fear...I couldn't do this. I knew it was going to be bad this time...things had been getting worse. He'd been hitting more often, and a lot harder. I swallowed the lump in my throat and opened the car door. "Libby!" Lou said. I looked over at him. I couldn't speak. "Be careful, and if you need me, you call. Okay?" I simply nodded and accepted his hug.
When I walked in, I immediately heard him yell, "YOU LITTLE SLUT! I bet you banged all five of them! Including your cousin!" He slapped me forcefull across the face. It stung almost as bad as his words. Almost. "I don't even understand why they want you! You're ugly and worthless! You can't do anything right. You couldn't even save your parents," he spat at me. I started to sob. I couldn't take the words. They hurt worse than any phyical thing he could do to me. He kicked me in the stomach forcefully, I fell to the ground. He started to kick me while I was on the ground. Mostly in the head, it hurt so bad. I started to drift off into unconciousness as he beat me while I was already down. The last thing I heard was, "You'll never amount to anything you little slut." After that, the only thing I saw was black.
When I finally came around, I felt it all at once. I hurt so bad, my face was swollen. I could feel the bruises along my back and neck. I felt the pain in my gut from when he kicked me. I felt my head, it screamed with pain. Finally, and probably the worst, was my heart. His words cut me like knives...the worst though was that they were true. He was right, I would never amount to anthing. I was nothing. I decided I couldn't take this. I needed to call Lou. I dialed his number and he picked up on the first ring. "Libby?! What's wrong?!" he asked worriedly. "I-I need you to come get me. Can you just park at the end of the street?" I asked, I was stilll crying. "Will he catch you?" Lou whispered to me. "Not if I'm quiet enough," I said whispering back. "Okay, be at the end of the street," he said hanging up.
I packed up and quietl slipped out. I didnt really need to be quiet, my uncle was hammered. I walked to the end of the street, I see him. I hop in his car. "Thanks Lou," I say hugging him quickly. "It's no problem, I just hope you're okay," He said looking at me. I didn't wanna lie to him, "I'm not, but I will." Louis got a sad expression on his face, "At least you're being honest with me." He smiled sadly and continued on driving. "Where are we going?" I asked, trying to change the subject. "Let's just go to my house, my mum will know what to do. You'll never have to see his face again," Louis said with a vengance in his voice. "Lou, you can't tell your mum! You guys will get hurt, he'll come after you!" I wasn't going ot drag his family in to. "Are you serious right now?" Lou asked in disbelief. "Yes, I am! I just don't want to be there tonight.." I said trailing off. After tonight, I'd have to go back. I'd have to face him...How am I going to keep doing his?

Louis's POV
I can't believe that she wants to go back! She really wants to go back that? She's scaring me. I don't know how she keeps doing this! I can't keep this a secret for much longer. It was hard not to tell the lads or my mum. I looked over at her, she was looking out the window sadly. She looked like a disaster, a beautiful disaster. I felt those feelings stir up in me again. I had to mentally slap myself again. She was my cousin, my beautiful cousing. I needed to realize that we could never be. Ever. Why does this seem so impossible? I felt like she was the one. Now I realize how the boys felt that night. It was terrible.
I drove to my house. I see that Libby had fallen asleep. I carried her up to the guest room and tucked her in. I lightly kissed her on the forehead, "I love you LibbyBoo." Her eyelids fluttered in the cutest little way. I had to get out now, I was crossing the line. I paractically run out of the guest room into mine. I don't even change I just flop onto my bed and sleep. I needed to clear my head. Hopefully I'll be okay in the morning. I hope so.

Harry's POV
I woke up with a new hope, a new purpose. I actually had a chance with her. I just had to win her over. It will be hard, I know she doesn't like my cheesy pick up lines, or my winks, or forwardness. I needed to find a new way to get to her. I decided that we should all hang out. At my house. I would be able to observe everyone's approach, and Lib's reaction. "Hey Mum!" I called down the stairs. "Yes Haz?" She asked from the kitchen. "Can I have the lads over today?" I ask. "Sure, why not? Are you goin to invite that girl?" asks my mum winking at me. So that' where I get it from...I called all of the lads they said that they'd be over soon.
I sat and watched some pointless telly for about an hour before they showed. Zayn and Niall, then Liam, and finally Lou and Libby. "Hello!" I yelled brightly at them. They all greeted me back laughing. "Um Hazza?" Libby asked giggling. It was so cute. "Yes, Libby?" I asked sweetly. "Why haven't you got any pants on?" She asked smiling at me. I laugh and look down. My laughter stops when I realize I haven't got any pants on. I started to blush, "Um, I'll be right back," I mutter. "Remember your pants!" yelled Zayn. They all laughed at his joke, it was so clever.
When I walked downstairs, with pants on, I saw them already joking around. It was pretty funny. Niall was messing with Zayn's hair, Liam was trying to kidnap Libby from Louis, who was running about screaming, "Superman!" Libby was in a little fit of giggles. I laughed at them, it was too entertaining. "Guys...and Libby! Let's play truth or dare," I said with a devious grin. They all looked at each other and agreed.
Once we were all in a circle, I volunteered to go first. I had a plan. "Libby, truth or dare?" I asked smiling evilly at her. She laughed at me, "Truth," she said. "Okay, what was tyou what bruise really from yesterday?" I asked never taking my eyes off of her. "I changed my mind. Dare," she said with a little bit of a tude. "Okay, I dare you to tell me what that bruise was really from." Take that Libby. "I don't want too," she said less confident. I still pushed, I have to get it out of her. "You have too! Or else you lose," I said crossing my arms and looking at her. "Well, then I lose," she says looking down. "You can't lose you have to tell me, it's the rules," I said again. I was going to push her to tell me. She'd be okay. She probably walked into something. "I have use the bathroom...." she trailed off getting up to go to the bathroom. I did it again, two days in a row. I'm a great person! Not. I sigh and rub my hand on the back of my neck.
"Harry! You prat!" Yelled Liam. "What? I was just wondering!" I defended. "Well, obviously she doesn't want to tell you," piped up Niall. "Seriously, mate. You shouldn't push someone like that, you're only pushing her away," said Louis. I looked at Zayn for support, but all he did was shake his head sadly. "So what? Now you're all taking her side?" I ask coldly. "Yes," they all said without hesitation. This wasn't fair at all. I didn't need this right now. They don't understnad that I only did it because I love her. I want to know that she's okay, and she's going to be okay. I better go talk to her. I walk up the stairs and knock on the bathroom door, "Love, just tell me. You can trust me."

Libby's POV
I wanted to tell him, I wanted to tell all of them, but I can't. I could only tell Lou cause I know he wouldn't tell if he thought I could handle it. The other boys would be calling the cops before you could say, "You pricks!" I hear Harry sigh. "Libby I love you so much, I just want to know what's going on with you," he said. I could almost hear the tears in his words.I wanted nothing more than telling him, I wanted to tell him that it was gonna be okay. That I was okay. I really wanted to comfort him. But I was tired of hurtig him.
"Harry, I can't tell you and if you can't accept that, then I dont know if we could ever be together," I said looking down. It was the truth I couldn't. "I was willing to settle down and have a real relationship with you! I wanted to be with you! I still do! I just have to know!" Harry screamed desperately at me. I wanted to be with him, but I couldn't do this. I couldn't be with any of them. They expected me to tell them too much. A relationship would be unfair on both parts I wasn't willling to do that. After me ignoring him for a bit, he finally went away.
I heard anothe pair of footsteps. I assumed that they were Harry's. "Harry, I don't wanna talk about it," I said sounding a bit annoyed actually. "It's me Liam," he said softly. "Oh, hi," I said softly. I heard him chuckle. "Want to come out and talk?" He asked. I shook my head no, then I realized he couldn't see me. "No," I said. "Okay then I'm coming in," He said. Before it could register, he was already in the bathroom with me. "Look, I don't wanna know what's going on with you if you don't want to tell me, but I do want to be there for you," He said looking me right in the eyes. I realzed what I wanted. I wanted someone who would be there for me. No matter what. They didnt need a reason. They just needed to know I needed them.
After hearing what Liam said, I realized he was it. I thought that this decision would be the hardest one I've ever made. I thought that I was never going to make it. But in this moment, it was all so clear. I found my self leaning in, he met me halfway with a soft, but passionate kiss. I felt something inside me, I felt something new. I felt love. As he smiled into the kiss he whispered, "You don't know how long I've been waiting for that."

Liam's POV
That really just happened. We really kissed, and it was perfect. I waited so long for that moment. I honestly never though that it was going to happen. I knew she had chosen me, I knew she wanted to be mine. I wanted to be hers. We sat there for moments, just staring into each other's eyes. "I think we should go downstairs," I said after a few moments. Liv just nodded her head and smiled. As we walked down the stairs hand in hand. I was the happiest man alive. I could want nothing more.
We barely make it down the stairs before we hear the door slam shut. I wonder who left? "Harry, please come back!" I hear Lou yell. "Harry, mate please!" Zayn pleaded. "Just come back," Niall sniffled. "Guys, what's going on?" Asked Libby desperately. "Harry left...and he said he was going to hurt himself," said Lou.

TheAuthor's Note~ Hey guys! Sorry this took so long to write...I just wanted it to be dramatic and perfect. So I hope that it was. I hope you were surprised a bit...actually I just hope you liked it(: Thanks for reading! Love you all!(:

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